For most of us, if we remember Bill Carter it is because of his documentary Miss Sarajevo which Bono produced and wrote a song about by the same name. What some of us may not understand is that for a few months Carter used live satellite link-ups straight into U2 concerts in an attempt to change Europe’s understanding of the Balkan war. The collaboration between Bono and Carter helped bring an end to the longest siege in human history.

Carter went on from Sarajevo to write for magazines like Spin and Rolling Stone. His third book is due out in September of this year. He is also a happily married father of two. I had a chance to visit with him and talk about where he has come from, what he is doing now, and how it influences the way he thinks about being a parent. (A word of caution: our interview discusses situations in general terms which may not be appropriate for young children, so please use your discretion.)