It’s Like Your Own Personal Addams Family



On the one hand (pun intended), I think this is amazingly cool. These Zaky hand pillows take advantage of an infant’s natural attachment to Mommy’s hands, and turn it into a useful parental tool. Basically, you put these pillows around your little one to mimic the feel of your own hands on them, enabling you to walk away without disturbing the finally-asleep infant.

From the time he’s born, the Zaky is easy to use while your baby rests in any position — over, under, or around your baby. Your baby will feel reassured as if you’re touching him, which assists in his need of feeling protected. The size and weight of the Zaky simulates the hand of a mother, so you feel as if you’re leaving one hand with your baby – and your baby feels as if you’re still there touching him.

That’s great. On the other hand (pun still intended), what happens when Junior rolls over and discovers, eyes boggling, that he’s being cuddled by a giant disembodied hand? I’m thinking these might be a mixed blessing.

(h/t Boing Boing)

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