Why “Got it?” works better than “Ok?”


File under "hacking kids". GeekMom Asha Dornfest has some good advice:

When explaining things to my two year-old, I often find myself wanting to say, "OK?" at the end, so he can respond.  That way I know he’s listening and he agrees to it.  The problem with "OK?" is that it opens the door for him to say, "no."  It sounds like I’m asking him what he thinks and if he agrees.  And that’s just not the case.

So I thought about it, and now I ask, "got it?" which works a lot better.  Gives him the opportunity to confirm and agree, but it’s not like I’m asking for his ok on it.

They just sound different:

"After this, we’re going to the store, ok?"

"After this, we’re going to the store.  Got it?"

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