Rock Stacking

Geek Culture

Rocks. Kids. Time.

Your basic ingredients for rock stacking. You take rocks and you balance them on top of each other. No glue, no pins, no tricks. Just plain old gravity. Just getting one rock to balance is a supreme achievement. Getting four on top of each other is…. magic, or black magic, or superpowers, or can you believe that!!!!!!


There may be a rock stacker in your neighborhood. There’s one in Seattle, and one in Florida, one in Carmel, and Bill Dan (pictured above) who hangs out at Crissy Field and the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco.


Find a rock stacker and take your kids to see how beauty and delight can be summoned with almost nothing but rocks. It’s all in the head. It’s all what you add to the rock — the intangible of balance, and position.

Let them be amazed. And then get them to try it themselves.

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