Image: Dakster Sullivan

Geocaching at 15

On May 3, Geocaching turned 15. According to, just one day after commercial GPS receivers could receive accurate signals for the first time in 2000, GPS enthusiast Dave Ulmer hid a small treasure in the woods, published the coordinates, and announced the “Great American GPS Stash Hunt.” Thus was born a simple but addictive hobby that anyone with a GPS can play all over the world.

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Kytephone App Makes Android Phones Kid-Safe

Keeping kids safe is a priority for parents, especially when it comes to sharing information online. Everyone is worried about some creepy stalker setting up a meeting, or getting their information and whisking them away from a playground or a schoolyard. Many parents opt to keep them away from things like smartphones for fear of their making dangerous connections. The problem is that there are times most of us would like our kids to have a ready means of contacting us in a pinch. Kytephone aims to provide a way for parents to give their children phones and keep them safe.

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