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Become an Email Ninja — Email: A MacSparky Field Guide

David Sparks has just released his latest book, Email: A MacSparky Field Guide, and this one is all about getting control of your email. As with Sparks’ other guides, this 300-page book is filled with almost two hours of screencasts and over 200 screenshots that support Sparks’ premise that you can get control of your email with just a few key behavior changes. And toss in a few specialized third-party apps and you can actually reduce the amount of time you spend in your favorite email application.

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What’s In an Email Name?

I had just finished sending my hubby an email at work, asking about something exciting, like open season on health insurance enrollment, and I realized I’d signed the email with my first name. To some people this would not be startling. I would guess some people sign their emails to spouses (and boyfriend/girlfriends) with their […]

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