Notion's Artificial Intelligence "Radar" creates insight from email.

More Intelligent Email — An Interesting Notion

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Many email applications claim to make email better, and changing the email environment is easy… improving it is difficult. Notion is a new email application that delivers a better way of reviewing email by analyzing relationships in communications. Using artificial intelligence to quantify responsiveness between the people in an email conversation, Notion ranks importance and brings those emails to the front.

Another feature of the Notion app is the “Radar” function; building on the insights gathered by the AI, it creates task cards to encourage users to respond to important emails in a timelier fashion while tracking answers you are waiting on from others. Since it is tailored by each user’s own email history and behavior, Notion’s intelligence delivers everyone an altogether unique email experience.

Today’s communication tools offer little in the way of improving the way we communicate or the underlying relationships behind our conversations. Artificial intelligence will improve how people communicate by focusing our time and encouraging behaviors that build stronger relationships.
— Guy Suter, co-founder and CEO of Notion

Notion works with existing email services (including Gmail, G Suite, Office 365, and any other email service that supports IMAP) and is available for free in both Apple’s iOS App Store and Google Play for Android. While a desktop version of Notion is not available, it is currently under development.

Notion's Artificial Intelligence creates insight from email.
Notion’s Artificial Intelligence creates insight from email.
Image Credit: Notion AI

The team at Notion was not happy with simply improving the email experience by granting our inboxes their own intelligence, users can link Notion to Amazon’s Echo (aka Alexa) for a smart voice-activated experience that lets users talk to their email. Through the Notion Skill, Alexa can read the important emails, emails waiting for replies, relationship details, and even archive, snooze, or send messages–all through voice communication.

And if you love the idea of Notion saving you from your own email, check out their excellent short video, Wake Up… “A hero emerges to face communications overload by waking up his email with the power of AI.” Watch Wake Up on YouTube.

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