Batgirls, Alysia Yeoh

DC Bombshells: The Perfect Stocking Stuffer

DC Bombshells is spectacular this week, as is the final issue of Gotham by Midnight, Ray and myself are in love with the Titans Hunt series (the less said of the regular Titans series, the better), The Robin War zooms toward an ending, Bryan Hitch gives us spectacular splash pages in Justice League of America, and Dark Knight III: The Master Race goes in an unexpected direction.

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GeekDad Interviews ‘Grayson’ Writers Tim Seeley and Tom King

‘Grayson: Agents of Spyral’ contains the first four issues of the series, plus the ‘Futures End’ tie-in and a story from ‘Secret Origins’ issue eight. I was really surprised by the story after having read it. The writers were true to the character, making him boyish and happy-go-lucky. He was still high-flying and quick with a quip. He still kicked major butt. He was the same Dick Grayson who has been a fan-favorite for these past 75 years.

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The Greatest Show on Earth

Did you know the term geek originated from the circus?  It was originally used to describe “a performer engaging in bizarre act.” Even some of our comic book heroes owe their look and some abilities to the circus. Dick Grayson is a perfect example. Before his parents died, his family was the circus. The skills […]

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