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Congratulations to the Winners of the Sock It To Me Design Competition

Congratulations to the Winners of the Sock It To Me Design Competition

Sock It To Me’s 2016 Global Design-A-Sock Contest received some 5,300 entries from more than 75 countries–including Russia, Spain, the Czech Republic, Singapore, Croatia, Botswana, and Rwanda–by designers aged 4 to 70! Read More


Anatomy of the Star Wars Logo

Anatomy of the Star Wars Logo

Star Wars freaks and typography nerds should really check out this excellent post over on the Tenth Letter of the Alphabet blog, all about the evolution of the Star Wars logo, from the very beginning to one we see today, complete with loads of hi-rez scans of many of the different versions. Read More

The History of Darth Vader

Ever need to explain the life and death of Darth Vader to a friend, but didn’t have time to sit through the 13 hours and 23 minutes of the Star Wars saga with them? Fortunately, some Italian designers have solved … Read More

Music Is the Meta-Game

Vast amounts of time and skill are invested in video game design annually. Everything you see and hear, and every move you make in a game was first drawn, composed and spelled-out in code by someone else for our enjoyment. … Read More

TRON Week: Wrap-Up

Well the big day has finally come and gone, TRON: Legacy is now out there in a theatre near you. Have you seen it yet? We’ve had a great week here on GeekDad, bringing you lots of lovely Tron-themed posts … Read More