Stack Overflow: End of Summer Recommendations

I am SO far behind in my book reviews. Not quite as far as Jonathan Liu, though. Heh heh. Sorry, Jonathan. Summer was great! So many books! Not only did I get to read many original novels, I got to revisit some series favorites. But now I find myself staring at my stacks. Again. So… time for some recommendations. I hope that one or more of the books below might catch your interest–and if you’ve read any of them, please let me know what you thought in the comments.

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bag of holding bmo lunchbox

Have Fun, Well-Travelled: Two Great New Items From ThinkGeek

I’m in kind of a weird situation right now where I’m both prepping my kids for the upcoming school year and still lining up a bit of leisure and con travel for myself. Because of this I’ve kept a keener-than-usual eye on things like travel bags and lunchboxes. As luck would have it, a recent dispatch from the team at ThinkGeek spotlighted a pair of items that suited my needs nicely.

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card wars finn jake

Sweet Simplicity — Playing Card Wars IRL

When I reviewed Card Wars, the latest iOS game to spring to wonderful life from the delightfully demented world of Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time, some of you seemed equally interested in hearing my take on the real-world equivalent. This was, of course, all the prodding I needed to beg Cryptozoic Entertainment for a copy of their already hard-to-find Finn vs. Jake Collector’s Pack.

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