Picture of text and images from Finnish classroom

Finland Schools Rule. But Why?

I’ve spent some time in Finland recently as I’m part of a US/Finnish working group looking at educational games. I keynoted a few weeks ago at their biggest tech/ed conference and brought with me a digital postcard of what it’s like to work in the US where we’re still debating basic science (sigh) and where a classroom may have to contend with a dozen or more languages amongst its students.

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How to Bring Deadly Poison into the Classroom

Much as I’ve been writing here about other people, I also make stuff for kids so I’m sharing one of those projects today. I just produced a digital graphic novel, Tales from the Poisoner’s Handbook. It’s an adaptation of Deborah Blum’s book about poison that WGBH recently turned into an American Experience film. In other words, it’s a comic of the film of the book, and this version is designed to engage teenagers in forensic chemistry.

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Meet Warren Buckleitner

As the start of an ongoing series of interviews with movers and shakers in the world of educational kids technology, I offer you an interview with Warren Buckleitner. Warren runs the Dust or Magic conference series, and is a writer, teacher, and founding editor of Children’s Technology Review.

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