Review – Batman and Robin #1: The Lone Remainers

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Batman and Robin #1 variant cover, via DC Comics.

Batman and Robin #1 – Joshua Williamson, Writer; Simone Di Meo, Artist

Ray – 9/10

Ray: In many ways, Josh Williamson has been building to this book for a while. After all, he wrote the main Bat-book for an arc, his Robin run is considered by many to be the best spotlight for Damian Wayne, and Damian played a key role in several major events. Now, he turns the focus on the father-son duo in a new flagship series that picks up amid a troubled era for the Bat-family. It’s made clear that in the aftermath of the Gotham War, most of the Bat-family is estranged from Bruce—besides Damian. That’s given the two the opportunity to get closer, as Damian moves into Bruce’s new Brownstone and downscaled Bat-cave. But while Damian sees this as a closer partnership, Bruce actually seems to want a chance to be a father to Damian, and it’s a lot of fun to see those growing pains. The idea of Damian attending a regular high school should be… interesting, to say the least.

A change in Gotham. Via DC Comics.

Of course, amid the father-son bonding, there’s plenty of action. Williamson digs into the archives for some of the foes here, starting with femme fatale criminal mastermind White Rabbit. But it soon becomes clear there’s a larger conspiracy at work here, with scientists being targeted around Gotham. I love that the Croc/Orca pairing, which began in Injustice, has migrated its way over to the main DCU as they build their own bizarre “Family.” There’s also a surprising twist involving recurring DC z-list villains The Terrible Trio. Simone Di Meo is a great choice to illustrate these chaotic action scenes, and her Batman is excellent, although her Damian Wayne treads a little too close to Tim’s design thanks to his new haircut. There isn’t anything groundbreaking here—it’s a little too laid-back of an issue for that—but it’s a great new start to the next chapter of Williamson’s Damian Wayne saga.

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