Keep All of Your Devices Charged With the UGREEN Nexode 300W 5-Port Fast Charger

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It seems people are using more and more devices on a regular basis–and they all need to be charged regularly. When I consider my own devices, I need to be able to charge a laptop, iPhone, Apple Watch, tablet, and earbuds. In order to keep all five devices charged, I need a power strip to plug them all in. However, there is now a new product that can keep all my devices charged without needing a vast variety of adapters and a power strip. UGREEN has just released their new Nexode 300W 5-port GaN fast charger. 

What is the Nexode 300W 5-Port Fast Charger?

UGREEN’s Nexode 300W 5-port fast charger allows the charging of five different devices at the same time. It features four USB-C ports and one USB-A port. One of the USB-C ports has a 140W maximum power output while two other USB-ports have a 100W maximum. These allow a user to quickly charge two laptops at the same time as well a tablet. The device uses GaN integrated circuit chips that are smaller and offer faster heat dissipation while also being able to handle higher voltages than similar silicon based chips. With 300W of possible power output, heat can be an issue. This fast charger features a built-in Thermal Guardâ„¢ system which provides intelligent temperature monitoring, taking 6000 temperature readings each minute in real time. This system is designed to prevent devices from overheating and overcharging as well as from excessive current. Additionally, the Nexode 300W charger is encased in a sturdy, fire-resistant, and flame-retardant PVC shell giving both added fire protection and drop resistance. The charger comes with a power cord and a 240W USB-C fast charging cable. 

The fast charger has 5 ports and comes with a power cord as well as a 240W USB-C cable for fast charging. Photo by Michael Knight.

The Nexode 300W charger uses the PD 3.1 and the QC 3.0 fast charging protocols as well as several other protocols. While each port has a maximum power output, depending on the ports used, that maximum may be reduced. So while the second and third USB-C ports have a 100W max, if both are used with the first USB-C port, the maximum output at each port is 140W, 100W, and 60W respectively. The fourth USB-C port has a 45W max while the USB-A port has a 22.5W max power output. The charger is quite compact at a little over 4 inches long, less than 4 inches high, and 2 inches wide.

power distribution
Power distribution per port depending on the ports used. Image courtesy of UGREEN.

The UGREEN Nexode300 W 5-port fast charger is available from the UGREEN website as well as the UGREEN store on Amazon and normally sells for $269. However, UGREEEN is running a special for the first 14 days of its release and you can get the fast charger during this time for only $199. 

Why You Should Get the Nexode 300W 5-Port Fast Charger

My desk at home has a clutter of adapters and cords plugged into a power strip so I can charge several of my devices at the same time. However, with the Nexode 300W fast charger, I have one compact charger that not only takes up less space, but also looks professional with a black front and metallic gray sides. In addition to using it at home, I have tried it out in my classroom. Like many other schools around the nation, our high school uses Chromebooks. Each student is assigned their own Chromebook. However, sometimes they come to school having forgotten to charge their device at home. The Nexode can easily charge three Chromebooks at once and still be able to charge a couple phones as well. Plus I don’t have to keep three Chromebook power adapters on hand along with a power strip for keeping student Chromebooks running.

GaN chip and interior
The Gallium Nitride (GaN) integrated circuit chips provide higher voltages than traditional silicon chips. Image courtesy of UGREEN.

This is the fourth UGREEN product I have used and continue to be impressed with their quality and ease of use. I previously reviewed their noise cancelling wireless earbuds as well as their 145W 25,000 mAh Fast Charging Power Bank and the 7-in-1 USB-C Multifunction Adapter and I still use all of them. (Actually, my daughter borrowed the earbuds and she continues to use them.) If you are in the market for a fast charger that can can handle several devices at once, then I recommend the Nexode 300W 5-port fast charger by UGREEN. 

Disclosure: GeekDad received samples of these items for review purposes.

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