Prevent Tooth Decay and Gum Disease with the Bitvae S2 Sonic Electric Toothbrush and C2 Water Flosser

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Most people do not look forward to going to the dentist, even for regular cleanings. Having dental work done is even less fun. Oral hygiene is not only important for your teeth and gums, but also for your overall health. For most of my life, I used a manual toothbrush. However, a few years ago my dental hygienist recommended I switch to an electric toothbrush. Picking one from the large market can be daunting. Over the past years, I have tried several different electric toothbrushes, each with their own unique features. As some of my children have had braces and orthodontic treatments, our family has purchased water flossers to help clean the areas around their braces. However, water flossers are useful for everyone whether they have orthodontics or not. In order to help people improve the health of their teeth, gums, and mouths, Bitvae has worked with dentists and introduced their S2 sonic electric toothbrush and C2 portable water flosser. 

What Are the S2 Sonic Electric Toothbrush and C2 Water Flosser?

The S2 is a sonic electric toothbrush that vibrates 40,000 times per minute courtesy of its magnetic levitation motor. The ultrasonic vibrations help clean between teeth and along the gum line as well as remove plaque much more effectively than traditional toothbrushing. The high-speed motion of the bristles actually create a cavitation of mini bubbles that help push the toothpaste and fluoride into the crevices and spaces in-between teeth.  The C2 water flosser puts out pulses of water at three different pressure levels. This cordless, portable device helps clean between teeth and along the gums to remove particles toothbrushes can miss. Both products are designed and produced by Bitvae which was born as an alternative to the complicated, chunky, and expensive electric toothbrushes that have dominated the market for years.

The S2 sonic electric toothbrush is currently available from the Bitvae store on Amazon. It comes in three color choices — frost white, pink, or black — and normally sells for $59.99. There is currently a 25% discount as well as a $15 dollar Amazon coupon so you can get it for a limited time for only $34.99. The C2 water flosser can also be purchased from the Bitvae store on Amazon. It comes only in a wide variety of colors including frost white, black, lavender, lemon, living coral, midnight blue, orange, quartz pink, or sky blue and normally sells for $49.98. However is is also on sale for 40% off which drops the price down to $29.99.

Product Components and Specs

s2 toothbrush
The S2 comes with a total of 8 brush heads. My box also included a dental mirror with light. Photo by Michael Knight.

The S2 electric toothbrush comes with the following:

  • 1 electric toothbrush
  • 8 brush heads (6 standard, 2 soft)
  • 1 USB charging cable
  • 1 travel case
  • User manual

The S2 features a power button that not only turns on the device, but also lets you select from five different cleaning modes. The included charging cable, which plugs into the bottom of the toothbrush, will fully charge the toothbrush within four hours, providing the toothbrush with enough power to last up to 120 days when brushing in soft mode twice a day. The S2 is IPX7 waterproof rated, so you can use it in the shower or rinse off the device. Just be sure the cover over the charging port is closed and secure. The S2 is also Bluetooth capable which allows it to connect to a free app which lets you adjust the smart mode and will even keep track of our oral hygiene. 

water flosser
Here is what you get with the C2 Water Flosser. Photo by Michael Knight.

The C2 portable water flosser includes:

  • 1 water flosser
  • 6 flosser nozzles (5 standard, 1 tongue scraper)
  • 1 USB charging cable
  • User manual

The C2 has a power button to turn the device on and off as well as a mode selection button that lets you cycle through three cleaning modes with pulses ranging from 50 to 120 PSI. Two different types of nozzles are included for different uses. It can also get a 40-day charge using its included charging cable in only 4 hours. The C2 is also IPX7 waterproof rated. 

How to Use the S2 Sonic Electric Toothbrush and C2 Water Flosser

Before you use each of these devices, be sure to fully charge them. Then you are ready to begin brushing and flossing. In order to operate the S2 sonic electric toothbrush, just apply some of your toothpaste to the brush and then when the brush head is in your mouth, press the button to begin. Subsequent presses cycles through the five cleaning modes: white, clean, soft, gum care, and smart. The toothbrush will run for a two-minute cycle before shutting off. Every 30 seconds, the vibrations will stop for a fraction of a second to break the cycle into four segments to help remind you to move on to a different quadrant or brushing zone in your mouth.

The app has 5 different plans including one you can customize. Photo by Michael Knight.

The app can also be used to control the toothbrush. There are four set programs: Beginner’s, Polish, Gum Massage, and Freshen Your Breath. Each comes with pre-configured settings for clean mode, brushing power, and brushing time for both morning and night. The Smart program will let you set these features and you can select the time from 2 to 4 minutes in 30 second intervals. You can even run a program on the app while you brush that will help direct you through the three different surfaces in the four quadrants of your mouth. For example, during a 2 minute program, you will be changing every 10 seconds. Another unique feature is a pressure sensor. Not only does the app provide feedback if you are pushing too hard against your gums and teeth, the toothbrush will flash a red ring and make a change in vibration to let you know to reduce the pressure. 

The app has a program to help you brush equally all around as well as provides data on how you are brushing. Photo by Michael Knight.

The C2 water flosser is easy to use and does not use an app. There is a hatch on the side of the water tank near the bottom. Open it and fill the tank with water. Then close the hatch and turn the flosser upright. Insert a nozzle into the opening at the top of the flosser and you are ready to go. Place the tip of the nozzle in your mouth and then press the power button to start the water flosser. Press the mode button to cycle through the three different cleaning modes: soft (50-70 psi), normal (70-90 psi), and what the user manual refers to as potent (90-120 psi). When using the C2, you should keep the nozzle at a right angle to the tooth so it sprays into the space between the teeth and not down into the gums. The water tank holds enough water for a typical 1-minute cleaning session and can easily be removed with a gentle twist for cleaning it. 

flosser fill opening
The water tank on the C2 flosser has an opening on the side for easy filling. Photo by Michael Knight.

Why You Should Get the S2 Sonic Electric Toothbrush and C2 Water Flosser

Over the years, I have used several different electric toothbrushes. Some were simple and just vibrated at different setting controlled by buttons on the toothbrush while others used an app to not only control the toothbrush but gave me a complete diagnostic on the effectiveness of my brushing. The S2 provides a happy medium between the two. You can easily use it with the standard settings on the brush. However, the app lets you choose programs and even modify a program so you can set the brush to the desired mode, intensity and time that you want. Once it has been set in the app, then when you choose smart mode on the brush, it will follow your program. The S2 also remembers the mode I used last, so I only have to press the button once to get started. I also like the 30-second reminders to keep me focused so I brush everywhere during the 2-minute cycle. Another plus for the S2 is the price. Even the list price is a good deal for what you get. However, the current promotions allow you to get a quality smart sonic electric toothbrush with similar features to other products that cost 3 or 4 times as much. 

pressure sensor light
If you apply too much pressure which could cause damage to your gums, this red ring lights up and the vibrations change for a bit to warn you. Photo by Michael Knight.

I have not used a water flosser much in the past. A few of my children have used them when they had orthodontics. However, I found the C2 easy to use. After filling it with water, press one button to turn it on and off and the other to change modes. I like how the tank is built right into the device and can easily be removed for cleaning. The standard nozzles work great for getting in-between teeth and along the gum line. Plus the tongue scraper is a great way to clean your tongue and remove bacteria that can cause bad breath. Since it is water resistant, you can even use it in the shower. Water flossers work better than string floss and the first few times using the C2, I was surprised at what it cleaned from my teeth even after I had just brushed. 

Bitvae is a newer company and was founded in Texas. They have worked with dentists and used their feedback during the development of their products. The S2 sonic electric toothbrush has even received the American Dental Association Seal of Acceptance.  I am impressed by the quality of Bitvae’s products as well as their functionality.  I also like how the S2 comes ready for travel with its own carrying case. If you are looking for a quality smart sonic electronic toothbrush and/or a water flosser, both of which provide a lot of features for a great price, then I recommend both the S2 sonic electric toothbrush and the C2 portable water flosser by Bitvae. 

Disclosure: GeekDad received a sample of these items for review purposes.

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