Solaari Lightsabers: A Weapon For A More Civilized Age

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Solaari makes unbelievably cool lightsabers that are fit for battle. Made of anodized aluminum  (the blade is made of Polycarbonate Mid-Grade 2mm) they come in four styles, Waan, Ka-Yogen, Ki-raito and Foji, and two ranges, Prime and Elite. Made in France, you get the craftsmanship you’d expect from a high-end product. They range in price from $199 to $329, plus a little extra if you want a longer blade and trust me when I say that they are well worth the cost.

Solaari Lightsaber Basics

Using sticks and cardboard tubes was great when we were kids, but now that we are adults with adult money, it’s time to upgrade. Solaari lightsabers are built for combat. Whether you are a professional or a casual cosplayer, you need a blade that can stand up to the light or dark side of the force.

Solaari lightsabers are designed to withstand combat scenarios and come with some pretty cool effects to add to the experience.  They are CE and FCC certified and meet a demanding set of safety standards.

When synced with the Solaari app, you can customize your blade in seconds from the color to the sounds to the light effects. I really like how I can just switch up the color of my blade to suit my character or my mood. You can also sync the app to a Bluetooth speaker for more intense sound effects.

The blades themselves come in 32-inch and 36-inch lengths. With a built-in accelerometer, Bluetooth capability, and gyroscope, you get all the swoosh and vrooms with each movement.

With all those cool features in mind, one of these will set you back anywhere between $199 to $329, with an additional cost for some options (such as a longer blade). 

Physical Attributes

I’ve had both the Hasbro Force FX Lightsabers as well as the Disney Legacy Sabers. My husband and I also did the “build your own lightsaber experience” at Galaxy’s Edge. In comparison the formentioned hilts and blades, the Solaari comes out on top as something i feel comfortable and powerful taking with me in costume.

Each Solaari blade comes with a cover for both the hilt and the blade when you don’t have them together. Detaching the blade is super easy and takes minimal effort. 

For power, the hilt takes two lithium-ion batteries and about five hours to get to a full charge. Once at a full charge, the batteries will last you six hours (running at 50% sound level).

What I liked

I love that the app lets me customize my blade from the color to the sounds. I also think it’s pretty cool that it tracks the battle stats for you so there is no confusion as to who won in the end. The hilt has some weight to it but nothing like you’d expect for the components it’s carries. The battery life is also appreciated because an average convention day will take you at least six to seven hours, so not having to change out your batteries every couple of hours cuts down on extra things to carry. 

What I didn’t like

My only complaint is that the hilt does not have a clip to attach it to your belt. Thankfully, my husband found a really cool holster to hold it and it still has that Star Wars elegance. It was also a little finicky in the beginning to get it to connect to the app each time I wanted to use it. I also think it would be cool for them to offer a bag to protect it when traveling. 

The Force Is Strong With This One

No matter your force affiliation, you will find a trusted companion in your Solaari lightsaber. It holds up well to battles, has a great app for not only customizing but also tracking your fights, and just looks super badass. If you are cosplaying as a force character, make sure you take Solaari into consideration for your lightsaber needs. Check them out on their website and Amazon.

Disclaimer: GeekDad was given a review sample.

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