Snow Candy Glitter Galaxy Sleds for Christmas!

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Snow Candy releases their new Glitter Galaxy pool and snow sled tubes just in time for the holiday season!

Living in New England, a great part of my upbringing was spent cascading down slopes at the local park on cheap plastic or rubber sleds and innertubes. These days my son can ride in style with the tubes available, such as the Snow Candy Glitter Galaxy.

Coming in at 48″ the Glitter Galaxy is a big and burly tube that can handle young and old sledders. It can hold sledders up to 250lbs, so even a burly boy like myself can ride on one. The galaxy glitter effect is incredibly cool-looking and will be attractive to boys and girls alike.

Snow Candy explains the color effects of the Glitter Galaxy as follows:

The new SnowCandy Inflatable Glitter Galaxy Snow Tube uses real print technology. This pink glitter-filled snow tube uses the deep space super region photo taken by the Hubble Space Telescope. This image is a wavelength composite of images from the Hubble Telescope, featuring an HII region emission nebula. The image also shows numerous galaxies, each averaging approximately 100 million stars.

That sounds pretty cool, but trust me, it looks even cooler.

If you are in the market for the upcoming winter season and want to make a big splash on the slopes this year, you definitely want to jump over to Amazon and drop the very affordable $39.99 for this amazing, unique, and durable tube that you and your little geeks will enjoy not just for this season but for many more seasons to come.

A sample of the Snow Candy Glitter Galaxy Sled was made available to the author for review purposes. The thoughts expressed in this article are the author’s alone and not that of the manufacturer or editorial staff.

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