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I’ve been covering Game Theory Tables here on GeekDad since they launched their O.G. gaming table, the Origins, back in 2020. You can read my review of that table here. Since then, they have also released a coffee table version of the Origins, as well as several accessories for the tables.

Now Game Theory Tables is back with another Kickstarter, and two new tables to add to their line. The campaign is live now, and runs through March 10th. Let’s take a look at what they have on offer this time around, as well as a hands-on with some of the accessories you can currently get for your table.

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The LED-enhanced Origins LIT. Image by Game Theory Tables.

The Origins LIT Table

The Origins LIT is an enhanced version of the Origins game table, with remote-controlled LED lighting. Additionally, select playing surfaces are printed using blacklight fluorescent ink, for a cool appearance under the LED lighting.

  • Built In LED Lighting
  • Playing Surface: 61″ 37
  • Recessed Playing Area: 4″ Deep
  • Built-in Stainless Cupholders (8)
  • Fully Customizable Removable Playing Surface
  • Optional USB Charger Upgrade
  • Water Resistant Playing Surface
  • Ships In October 2023

Like the standard Origins game table, the LIT is made from 100% Ash wood. It starts at a Kickstarter-discounted price of $1,999.

The Meeple’s Champion table. Image by Game Theory Tables.

The Meeple’s Champion Table

The Meeple’s Champion slightly smaller than either of the Origins tables, and lacks integrated drink holders or LED lighting. However, it has a much lower price, starting at $999 during the Kickstarter.

  • Playing Surface: 61″x 37
  • Recessed Playing Area: 2″ Deep
  • Optional 3 Leaf-Style Dining Top
  • Fully Customizable Removable Playing Surface
  • Optional USB Charger Upgrade
  • Water Resistant Playing Surface
  • Ships In October 2023

However, less features and cost doesn’t mean less quality. It’s still made from the same Ash wood as the other tables, and covered by the same limited lifetime warranty.

My table, with the tray mats and dice tower. Image by Paul Benson.


During the Kickstarter, all of the Game Theory Table products are available for purchase at a discounted price. This includes not just all four game tables, but also all of their many accessories. Game Theory Tables sent me a few to check out.

Tray Mats

One of the mosaic oceans tray mats. Image by Paul Benson.

These stitched neoprene tray mats come in sets of 12, and rest nestled in the recessed trays on the Origins and Origins LIT game tables. They provide a great surface for holding cards or tokens.

The stitched neoprene. Image by Paul Benson.

They are nicely thick, and come in several designs to match some of the more popular gaming mats that Game Theory Tables offers. During the Kickstarter, they are available for a discounted price of $66.75, a 25% savings off of the retail price.

Dice Tower

The matching dice tower. Image by Paul Benson.

The Ash wood dice tower nestles securely into an end cap on the Origins and Origins LIT tables. The towers are available in multiple finished, so you can match them to the finish on your table.

Randomize those dice rolls! Image by Paul Benson.

The dice roll very well, and as you can see there’s a nice wide opening at the top of the tower to drop them. And no matter how many times I used it, none of dice escaped the base tray. Ideally, I’d want to have two of these towers, at opposite corners of the table.

The dice tower is available for $81.75 during the Kickstarter campaign, down from the regular $109 price.

Tiered Tray

The tiered tray. Image by Paul Benson.

Much like the dice tower, the tiered tray slots right into any end cap on the Origins and Origins LIT tables. It is also made of Ash wood, and comes in multiple finishes.

You can hold tokens galore. Image by Paul Benson.

With five different trays that swivel, you can easily hold any amount of tokens that a game throws out at you. They’re great to use as a bank, freeing up some additional space on your gaming surface.

The tiered tray is also at a 25% discount during the Kickstarter, coming it at $81.75.

Why You Should Back the Origins LIT Campaign

As I said way back in my original review of the Origins game table, “I feel like this table will be a part of my gaming experience for many years to come.” And my table is definitely living up to that opinion.

With this Kickstarter campaign, Game Theory Tables is debuting two new tables to add to their lineup. The Meeple’s Champion is a no-frills gaming table that still will provide a great gaming experience. And, like the Origins, you can also add a dining top so your Meeple’s Champion can pull double duty.

Adding the magnetic dining top to the Meeple’s Champion. Image by Game Theory Tables.

The Origins LIT takes an already great table, the Origins, and enhances it with controllable LED lighting. Combined with some of those new blacklight flourescent inked-mats, and you can have a really fun and customized appearance on your table while gaming with friends and family. For the first time, I kind of wish I didn’t already have an Origins table, as I’d really love to experience my board games on the Origins LIT.

But the good news for both previous owners and anyone in need of a new game table is that the prices for both the tables and accessories are at their lowest right now during this Kickstarter campaign. Also, Game Theory Tables will start shipping their tables starting later this Fall, so you don’t have to wait a couple of years for fulfillment like you do with many other companies. So if you’re looking to start, expand, or upgrade your gaming space, you should definitely check out the Origins LIT campaign.

For more information or to make a pledge, visit the Game Theory Tables Origins LIT Kickstarter page!

The Andromeda’s Edge prototype on my Origins game table. Image by Paul Benson.

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