Review – Monkey Prince #10: Split Decision

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Monkey Prince #10 variant cover, via DC Comics.

Monkey Prince #10 – Gene Luen Yang, Writer; Bernard Chang, Artist; Marcelo Maiolo, Colorist

Ray – 9/10

Ray: While most of Lazarus Planet will play out in a series of one-shots, including one this week, we are getting one regular-series tie-in—this one, featuring event co-showrunner Gene Luen Yang. If Monkey Prince seems an odd fit for a cosmic event, he agrees—but that doesn’t stop the event from crashing into him. When we last left off, he and his father were trying to save his critically injured mother with the help of an eccentric relative—who turned out to be the Ultra-Humanite. This pulled in Supergirl, who didn’t seem to be amused by Monkey Prince’s usual antics and initially assumed he was a villain. But there isn’t much time to argue over that when the Lazarus Rain begins, and Marcus winds up saving Kara’s life. However, while he remains unscathed, he does seem to be oddly affected by the rain—developing a new power which entails generating tiny chibi-style clones from his hair.

Unlikely allies. Via DC Comics.

If this seems ridiculous, it absolutely is. Yang is clearly having a massive blast with the character’s bizarre powers, which he has to figure out on the fly as he and Kara—whose powers are fluctuating—find themselves in a city in chaos. The Lazarus Rain is randomly giving people powers—including some very unpredictable and dangerous powers that they can’t fully control. It reminds me quite a bit of past events like Inhumanity at Marvel and the Mutant Town storyline in IDW’s TMNT, in that suddenly gaining powers can be just as disturbing as suddenly losing them. It’s impressive how this title manages to emphasize the stakes while still packing it with a lot of Monkey Prince’s trademark humor. The end of the issue dovetails into the main Lazarus Planet event, but I’m hoping the last two issues will focus on Marcus’ solo adventures—there are still a lot of subplots to tie up!

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