Review – Batman: Fortress #8 – The Trial of Superman

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Batman: Fortress #8 variant cover, via DC Comics.

Batman: Fortress #8 – Gary Whitta, Writer; Darick Robertson, Artist; Diego Rodriguez, Colorist

Ray – 8.5/10

Ray: This book was hyped up as an alien invasion thriller when it was announced, but it’s turned into something completely different—an offbeat Elseworlds that wastes no time making permanent status quo changes to its universe. A group of aliens have invaded Earth in search of Kal-El, determined to make him pay for the sins of his ancestors. This is surprisingly close to the plot of the 1990s story “The Trial of Superman,” but these villains are far more ruthless. After an intense break-in of the Fortress with the help of Red Arrow, Aqualad, D’ayl, and Lex Luthor, Batman has found Superman—and it seems he was trying to conceal himself. Well done, guys. It’s not long before the antagonists arrive and the entire thing turns into a tense negotiation over Superman’s life—with all of Earth hanging in the balance. And it’s not a big surprise that one member of the team can’t exactly be trusted.

Awakening. Via DC Comics.

Luthor’s characterization here has been a lot of fun. Yes, he’s obviously inspired by another billionaire who became President, but he’s entertainingly oily and his comeuppance here is incredibly well-deserved. The ultimate solution the heroes come up with to appease the warriors is intriguing, although it doesn’t quite address the fact that their bizarre blood quantum laws are kind of disgusting. The resolution this issue is a little abrupt, but there are some surprisingly emotional moments at the end of the issue as one hero gets a proper sendoff—but then we get the strangest moment of the series, as a massive status quo change is revealed and sets up more adventures that I’m not sure we’ll ever get. However, this new character—a major power player who could be either the greatest hero of the multiverse, or its greatest threat—makes me think we might see more of this universe in the future.

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