‘The Ward: Welcome to the Madhouse’- At St Lilith’s, Everything Is Unexpected

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The Ward: Welcome to the Madhouse

Writer: Cavan Scott, Artist: Andres Ponce, Cover Artist: Andres Ponce

In the spirit of Fables and Grimm, here we find ourselves following the misadventures of one Dr. Nat Reeves, who finds herself back at the hospital of preternatural creatures: St. Lilith’s.

She had quit the ward because of a secret, one that the 96-page-long chapter novel will take its time to unveil. There are very bizarre doctors in this place: ghosts, faeries, and goblins. However, what is not revealed is the exact nature of Dr. Reeves: what is she? And what happened to her when she quit? Furthermore, why did she decide to come back, after a wounded faerie appeared on her doorstep?

The idea behind the story is the many possibilities: the mix-up between preternatural and ordinary (even with a hint at Grey’s Anatomy in the shape of a cute Dr. Cervantes, who is addicted to troll stimulants).

For me, though, there has to be a sound building of the universe for it to make sense, and the story has to be compelling enough for you to want to finish the story arc. In Fables, the refugee situation of the fabled people was intriguing. In Grimm, the small discoveries that Nicholas Burkhardt made over time were interesting, as interesting as his unlikely friendship with a werewolf was.

In this graphic tale? The situations pile up, but the meat of the story remains to be seen.

The Ward: Welcome to the Madhouse is on sale since January 04, 2023.

Genre: Fantasy
Publication Date: January 04, 2023
Format: FC, 96 pages; TPB
Price: $19.99
Age range: 14+
ISBN-10: 1-50671-622-9
ISBN-13: 978-1-50671-622-0

Featured image by Andres Ponce, all images belong to Dark Horse Comics

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