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Blue Beetle: Graduation Day #3 variant cover, via DC Comics.

Blue Beetle: Graduation Day #3 – Josh Trujillo, Writer; Adrian Gutierrez, Artist; Wil Quintana, Colorist

Ray – 8/10

Ray: This series has been all about setting Jaime Reyes into the next stage of his life, and so far it’s been a rocky road. Not only is he flailing around in his personal life and being exiled to work at his aunts’ restaurant in Palmera City, but Blue Beetle is now being hunted by mystery villains also equipped with Reach powers. The only person who seems to be interested in keeping him in the loop is Starfire, his fellow alien superhero who has paid him a visit in his new home. I’ve had some quibbles with how other heroes are written in this series—Superman was rather condescending in the first issue, and this time Batman is a little dickish even for him. But Starfire is definitely calling back to her time as a Teen Titans mentor, and it’s nice to see. While the two don’t seem to have much in common at first, it turns out that Tamaran has some unexpected ties to the Reach—and it may be the key to the whole series.

Old frenemies. Via DC Comics.

The main villain of the series has been captured, and is currently being interrogated by the mysterious Victoria Kord—who I’m pretty sure we are NOT supposed to trust. This woman, Xiomara, is odd. She doesn’t know how she got her powers or what she’s supposed to do with them, but she does know that she’s supposed to kill Blue Beetle and will do anything to achieve it. And when another, green, beetle shows up with the exact same objective, it’s clear something is up. This issue reveals a massive secret about the Reach, which we know is a ruthless warrior race. It turns out that not all of them fit that bill—but the ones that don’t might have turned into something even worse. This series is a lot of fun, but being half over it feels like a whole lot of plots are converging without really connecting. The return of another villain at the end of the issue feels more like a distraction from the much larger Reach plot.

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