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Detective Comics #1068 variant cover, via DC Comics.

Batman: Detective Comics #1068 – Ram V, Simon Spurrier, Writers; Rafael Albuquerque, Ivan Reis/Danny Miki, Dani, Artists; Dave Stewart, Lee Loughridge, Colorists

Ray – 9/10

Ray: As the Orghams continue to take over Gotham, Batman is facing a villain that has more resources than any he’s ever faced before. These shadowy businessmen from around the world not only have wealth, they have supernatural abilities. Some of their men turn into savage beasts, while others have magic that can turn your mind against you. They’ve kept Batman on the back foot this entire run, and now he’s been pushed to his limit. But while the scenes involving Bruce’s desperate fight are dramatic, he’s not the star of this issue—that would be Harvey Dent, who’s watching his best friend and the one man who still believes in him being beaten to death—and knows there’s someone who can help.

City on fire. Via DC Comics.

That, of course, would be Two-Face—Harvey’s twisted alter ego. Ram V has done more to flesh out the dynamic between these personalities more than anyone else, and backup writer Simon Spurrier has helped as well with some solo focus stories. But while Harvey wants his more ruthless side to do what needs to be done, Two-Face has a price as well—the prize he’s been after all this time, Batman’s secret identity. This is a fascinating dynamic that promises to completely overhaul the battle between Batman and Two-Face in the future—if future writers are able to follow up on what V has built here. It’s another great issue stepping up a tense storyline that has been building since this run began.

Then there’s the backup, which puts Jim Gordon back at the center of the story as Dani returns on art. The recasting of Gordon as a gritty PI who is more directly involved in Batman’s cases works nicely, but he’s definitely out of place in the more surreal elements of Batman’s world. Both this and the main story seem to be following up on elements of the recent Arkham City: The Order of the World, and they’re doing a great job of making Gotham City seem creepier and more unfriendly than it has in a while.

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