‘Cash Is Queen’ ― A Smart and Positive Money Management Guide for Girls!

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Cash Is Queen: A Girl’s Guide to Securing, Spending, and Stashing Cash by Davinia Tomlinson

What is Cash Is Queen?

This is the world’s first money management book written exclusively for girls.

There are plenty of books for women—even young women—about the practicalities and advantages of money management. Most start with some harsh truths about our expectations concerning money and help build from there towards a brighter future, one in which we finally feel entitled to deserve wealth.

However, they usually start with women who have a salary or receive money from an adult endeavor. This book is aimed at addressing the issue earlier than that because it is never too early to talk about money and the necessity for you to control it (and not the other way around).

Without financial independence, there cannot be emotional independence. This is where it gets tricky and where women have fought the hardest to extricate themselves. Financial independence will mean stability, freedom of choice, and safety in more ways than one, and if instilled early, it can help girls to face life from a better place.

Why read Cash Is Queen?

Honestly? Because it is never too early to start thinking about our relationship with money!

As the author says:

[E]stablishing a positive relationship with money as an adult must be cultivated in childhood.

The book tackles expectations, examples, and mental shifts about what we think is a successful money-earning person. There is some insightful dialogue about the concept of gratification (both immediate and deferred) as well.

What has Cash Is Queen got to offer?

Great financial advice, structured in ten steps, to achieve what the author calls the “Royal Money Mindset.” This is one where the money you get to keep ends up being manageable and solid, a foundation you can build for yourself, one that you can trust to support you for the entire length of your life.

A checklist is, of course, included at the end of the book.

Clever, knowledgeable, boasting beautiful illustrations by Andrea Oerter, and a light tone, I cannot recommend this book enough. Give it to your daughters, nieces, and friends. I guarantee it will spark some very interesting conversations.

Cash Is Queen: A Girl’s Guide to Securing, Spending, and Stashing Cash is available on January 3, 2023.
Publisher: Frances Lincoln Children’s Books
Publish Date: January 3rd, 2023
Pages: 160

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