Review – Harley Quinn #25: Enter the Harleyverse

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Harley Quinn #25 variant cover, via DC Comics.

Harley Quinn #25 – Stephanie Phillips, Writer; Matteo Lolli, David Baldeon, Artists; Rain Beredo, Colorist

Ray – 9/10

Ray: We now know that Stephanie Phillips is wrapping up her run with this arc, and at least we can say she’s certainly going out with a bang. This final arc started with Harley being killed off and resurrected, and while she’s alive again, she certainly seems to be less stable—kidnapping Mr. Zsasz as her secret weapon against whoever killed her. But that threat even seems to be playing second fiddle, as she was attacked last issue by someone who looks a lot like The Batman Who Laughs—only Harley Quinn. This new Harley Who Laughs is traveling the multiverse, picking off one Harley after another—and now she’s onto Old Lady Harley’s world. The Frank Tieri character is busy conning people at cards when the twisted doppelganger bursts in. The wizened Harley barely escapes with her life—making her way to Prime Earth to team up with her younger doppelganger.

Standoff. Via DC Comics,

Obviously, Multiversal antics are all the rage at the moment, with the competition having several movies in development. But the best ones are about so much more than just assorted versions of the same character punching each other, and that’s what Phillips gets really well here. The pairing between the young, traumatized Harley and her older, more cynical version allows the two of them to talk about the wounds that never healed from their time with Joker. But of course, there isn’t much time to reflect as the villain isn’t far behind them. A McGuffin that lets the Harley Who Laughs stalk them through the multiverse is the focus of the fight, but we also have a major twist at the end that reveals more Harleys—a lot more. This is just a fun, chaotic issue that fits an oversized anniversary story, but it also packs more emotional weight than I would expect from the subject matter in several places.

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