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While I’m a happy dice dragon and love my humble hoard of dice, I can see where carrying a bunch of reliable dice can be a pain. With the Roulette dice, you get a D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20, and D% all in one easy-to-carry dial. 

Currently, on Kickstarter, Roulette Dice is trying to solve the problem of carrying multiple dice (and not forgetting one you need for the game). The heft of the dice itself is impressive. I like the weight of the zinc alloy body in my hand and the machine-tooled interior makes for a satisfying spin. The lowest tier on the Kickstarter is $39 (50% off) and my first impression of the one I have in hand is that it’s more than worth it. 

The layout of the numbers on the dice are designed according to the logic of the polyhedral dice. The sum of two opposite numbers is the max number of the die + 1. The creators give the example of a d20. The sum of the number 20 and the symmetric 1 is 21, the adjacent 8 is symmetric 13, etc.

Looking for something without a steampunk vibe? You can get a custom Roulette dice with your supplied image. This would be a great gift for a DM or fellow D&D player. 

To test a D20 effectively, I read you can either put in water and flick it or roll it 100 times to see how varied the rolls are. Since I can’t put this in water, I’ve taken mine and spun it 100 times. Here are the results:

It took 22 spins to hit my first nat 20. The most common number to show up was 16 with 10 out of 100. I “rolled” five nat 20. The lowest “rolled” number was 15 with only 2. I feel it was pretty random in the number with most numbers showing up at least five times and I’m happy with those numbers. 

It looked like it didn’t matter how hard I spun, the smoothness and speed were the same, so I don’t know if the results can be influenced by how hard or soft you spin it. 

The Kickstarter runs through Friday, December 16th so make sure you get your pledges in now to get those nice discounts and bonus rewards. They are currently at over $88,000 pledged out of their needed $3,000 so you know this will be a hot ticket item when it hits production.

Disclaimer: GeekDad received a review sample.




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