Review – Nubia and the Justice League Special #1: New Allies

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Nubia and the Justice League Special #1 variant cover, via DC Comics.

Nubia and the Justice League Special #1 – Michael W. Conrad/Becky Cloonan, Stephanie Williams, Writers; Amancay Nahuelpan, Alitha Martinez/Mark Morales, Artists; Tamra Bonvillain, Alex Guimaraes, Colorists

Ray – 8/10

Ray: Wrapping up the recent collection of Nubia one-shots and minis, this two-story oversized anthology is basically an annual but doesn’t have a regular title to come out of. The first story, by regular Wonder Woman writers Conrad and Cloonan, has Nubia coming to Man’s world to meet with Diana just after the events of the most recent issue. But with Diana off meeting with the Trinity, Nubia finds herself teaming up with some other Leaguers instead. First up are Black Canary and Green Arrow, in a story set right before the events of JL #75, as she teams up with the League’s resident vigilantes to take on Firefly in Gotham. This story is just a lot of fun, with some great banter between the happy couple.

On watch. Via DC Comics.

The second team-up is a lot more fractious, as Nubia and Black Adam quickly butt heads with the arrogant monarch seeming to take joy in “hazing” the new Queen. Fortunately, they have Martian Manhunter to smooth things over as they head to Metropolis to deal with Parasite. From there, the rest of the League shows up and Nubia basically bounces from one interaction to another as she tries to decide whether she wants to join or concentrate her efforts on Themyscira. It’s a fine story, although it spends a little too much time on awkward dialogue and characters apologizing for minor faux pas. Still, based on this issue I would definitely enjoy seeing Nubia on a future incarnation of the League.

The second shorter story, by regular Nubia creative team Stephanie Williams and Alitha Martinez, picks up immediately after as Nubia and Io discuss her next move. Before Nubia can decide what she wants to do, she encounters some kids who look up to her and then becomes involved in a random and huge-scale battle against a giant octopus-monster attacking the city. It sort of comes out of nowhere, but it’s a lot of fun and ends with Nubia more firm than ever in her decision—which sets up some intriguing future stories.

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