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What geek doesn’t love a new gadget? Here is a collection of GeekDad and GeekMom writers’ favorite shiny things that they think would be perfect for you to wrap up and give to someone you care about this holiday season.

Drop+ Lord of the Rings Elvish Keyboard

Price: $200
Purchase: Drop
Lord of the Rings Drop+ keyboard is the must-have holiday gift for any LOTR fan. You can get it in elvish or dwarfish with swappable keys to make your own unique look. The keys are MT3 with dye-subbed PBT and are compatible with Cherry MX switches and clones. The Hardcore Elvish Base Kit doesn’t have a lick of English on it, while the Training Elvish Base Kit has both, with the Latin sub-legends for the alphas and side-print legends for modifiers being a bit smaller on the keys. You can get other keys to customize the look, including a space bar with the one-ring text inscribed. – GeekDad Dakster


Nexar Beam GPS Dash Cam

Price: $129
Purchase: Amazon
The Nexar Beam GPS is a plug-and-play dash cam that can easily be concealed behind the rear-view mirror and attaches to the windshield with a suction cup mount. It records 1080p full HD video and can hold 4 hours of backup loop recording. The dash cam turns on and off automatically when you start and stop the car. Footage is also recorded to the app and important moments are backed up to the unlimited Nexar Cloud for free. In addition to capturing video while driving, the Beam also features a parking mode offering 24/7 security and can sense even the slightest impact to a vehicle and starts recording immediately, even when the car is parked. The Nexar Beam GPS Dash Cam provides affordable protection and peace of mind without any further costs or subscriptions. – GeekDad Michael Knight


Hi-Fidelity Earplugs by Vibes

Price: $28.95
Purchase: Amazon
Live music is back, and I, for one, couldn’t be happier. Of course, as a gentleman of a certain age, the concert experience has changed a bit for me in recent years. Now, in addition to enjoying the show and connecting with my fellow fans, I’m also focused on getting through the event with my hearing intact. This is where Vibes Hi-Fidelity Earplugs come in handy. Whereas traditional ear protection muffles all sound, Vibes instead decrease the overall volume of loud environments so you can safely hear what’s going on. Gone are the tinny highs and growling, fuzzy bass, leaving behind only clear sound that you can actually enjoy (with no ringing in your ears the next morning). Compact and discreet, these earplugs are nicely pocketable in their included case and multiple-sized ear tips mean the fit is always comfortable. An ideal gift for music lovers and those with sensory issues alike, Vibes Hi-Fidelity Earplugs also hit the sweet spot on price, coming in at under $30. [Review materials provided by Vibes] – GeekDad Z


Shokz OpenRun Pro – Premium Bone Conduction Open-Ear Bluetooth Sport Headphones

Price: $180
Purchase: Amazon
Shokz OpenRun Pro are the go to headphones for GeekDad Dakster. They find the sound quality to be better than some of their in-ear headphones and more comfortable. The OpenRun Pro model gets you 10 hours of music and phone calls, is sweat-resistant, and with a five-minute charge you get 1.5 hours of battery life. Bonus! They come with a sleek protective carrying case. Available in four colors. – GeekDad Dakster

Shokz (AfterShokz) OpenComm – Bone Conduction Open-Ear Stereo Bluetooth Headset

Price: $160
Purchase: Amazon
While the OpenRun Pro headphones are great for on the go and working out, if you are the business type, you should check out the Shokz OpenComm model with the noise-canceling boom microphone. The comfort and quality of this headset cannot be beat. The rubber coating is soft and the microphone can be rotated out of the way. The battery on these will get you about eight hours, more than enough time for any meeting or Spotify streaming session at your desk. It also supports quick charge and comes with a sleek protective case for travel. – GeekDad Dakster


Luna Controller by Amazon

Price: $69.99
Purchase: Amazon
Video game streaming is the perfect solution for those who love to game but hate the added expense of staying on top of all the latest and greatest in hardware. In fact, the only thing better is a streaming service that’s included in a subscription you already have—like, say, Amazon Prime. Yes, Amazon Luna’s Prime Gaming channel includes a rotating selection of monthly titles free to play for Prime members! Amazon also offers five other channels—from family and retro content to AAA Ubisoft titles—available for a small monthly fee. You can play these games almost anywhere, including the PC, Mac, Fire TV, Fire tablets, Chromebook, iPhone, iPad, and Android devices you already own. You can even do so using Bluetooth controllers from the likes of Xbox and PlayStation 4 (not to mention your mouse and keyboard), but the best solution is Amazon’s own elegant Luna Controller. Priced at $69.99, it’s a great gift for the dad who has everything… especially if “everything” includes an active Amazon Prime subscription. [Review materials provided by Amazon] – – GeekDad Z


Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra Robot Vacuum

Price: $1,399.99
The smartest, most amazing Roborock robotic vacuum yet. With more than double the suction power of the previous model (5100 Pa if you’re really interested) and next-generation obstacle avoidance technology, the S7 MaxV Ultra also can identify the floors in each room and recommend cleaning patterns and scrub intensity accordingly.
The Empty-Wash-Fill dock automatically refills the water tank when it docks, extending its mopping range, emptying the robot vacuum, and even washing the mop pad. – GeekDad Michael Kaufman

LectroFan Alpha Sleep Sound Machine

Price: $27.99
Purchase: Amazon
The LectroFan Alpha is a portable sound machine you can take with you on the go, making it great for travel as well as for babies and toddlers. It’s built-in battery can be recharged with the included USB-C/USB-A charging cable. The device has a fold-out stand in the back, allowing the Alpha to be positioned upright on a flat surface. It also comes with a clip that attaches to the handle on the Alpha so you can easily connect it to a stroller, car seat, or anywhere you want to hang it. The Alpha can play seven different sounds including two different fan sounds, two gently rolling surf sounds, brown noise, pink, noise, and a heartbeat sound. Since it can play for more than a single day without needing to be charged, you don’t need to carry the cable around with you. – GeekDad Michael Knight


Blendjet 2 and Jetpacks

Price: $50
Purchase: Blendjet
Blendjet 2 is the new portable blender from Blendjet. It comes in a wide variety of colors (including a Lisa Frank line) and patterns as well as an optional carry sleeve. This is the must have item this year for anyone on the go. Toss your favorite smoothie ingredients in and blend on the go when you’re ready. If you need some inspiration on what to blend, Blendjet’s website has plenty of recipe ideas as well as their own Jetpacks that you can mix with your favorite liquid for an on the go beverage or meal. And you can do more than just smoothies. I’ve heard from a little birdy that it makes the fluffiest scrambled eggs. – GeekDad Dakster


BoomCan MS by Scosche

Price: $49.99
A tiny Bluetooth speaker that attaches magnetically to iPhones series 12 and later, or to most metal surfaces, and also works as a convenient kickstand. Despite the size, it delivers a rich sound, especially when paired with a second BoomCan for true wireless stereo sound. Since it’s only 2.38″ diameter and 1.21″ tall and just 3 ounces, the BoomCan is perfect for tossing in a backpack. – GeekDad Michael Kaufman


Liberty 16 Coil Dual Wireless Charging Pad with Glass Surface by ZENS

Price: $209.95
Purchase: Amazon
A see-through glass surface allows a peek at the 16 charging coils that charges two devices simultaneously (including Apple & Samsung Fast Charge) and there’s an extra USB port that can charge your Apple Watch or other devices. With its maximized active charging area, it makes wireless charging ever more convenient and truly effortless. – GeekDad Michael Kaufman


Skull Candy Transparency Hesh Evo Wireless Headphones

Price: $100
Purchase: Amazon
We have the over-the-ear Skull Candy Hesh Evo wireless headphones for the game changer on this list. These come in excellent colors, including my favorite, transparency blue. At the time of this post, they were on sale on Skull Candy’s website for $80 and over $100 on Amazon. As you would expect with Skull Candy, these offer quality sound and comfort on a budget. The onboard controls let you control your music and phone calls without picking up your phone. Built-in Tile technology means you will never worry about losing them again. As for battery life, you get 36 hours on a single charge. Don’t have time to get to a full charge, a 10-minute charge will get you three hours of playback. – GeekDad Dakster


FlexiSpot Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk

Price: Prices vary
Purchase: FlexiSpot
Whether you’re looking for a main desk for your home office or you need to tuck a versatile surface in the corner of any room, the FlexiSpot Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk will fill that need. As long as there is an outlet nearby. Just plug this desk in and you can change its height from quite low—great for children or for sitting—to a standing desk height for a very tall person. You can set the different presets for different heights, and there are charging ports for your devices. It even comes with a slim drawer. This desk is sturdy and is a good value. It also comes in a variety of colors. Read my full review on GeekMom. – GeekMom Jenny Bristol

Vertagear Gaming Chairs (Great for Home Office too!)

Price: Prices vary from about $280 (shown) to $580
Purchase: Amazon
Though I’m not a big gamer, I can unreservedly recommend the Vertagear Gaming Chairs for comfort and ergonomics, whether you’re gaming or working at home. Especially for those who don’t necessarily fit traditional chairs (dangling feet, anyone?). The chair height, backrest angle, and armrest height are so customizable that almost anyone would find a comfortable setting. The built-in lumbar support is perfect for middle-aged bodies, and the detachable pillow is surprisingly comfortable (I’ve turned mine into a travel pillow). Though they aren’t cheap, the Vertagear chairs are sturdy and comfortable, and I’ll never buy another office chair at IKEA again. Read my full review on GeekMom. – GeekMom Jenny Bristol

SnapGrip Bundle by Shiftcam

Price: $129.99
Purchase: Shiftcam
The Shift Cam SnapGrip Bundle which turns your phone into a photography studio for taking photos or video of others or yourself. The bundle features three main components all of which magnetically attach to your phone which can be used all together or independently. The design of the SnapGrip focuses on the essential parts of a DSLR with a nice grip and a wireless shutter button that connects to your phone via Bluetooth and also doubles as a Qi wireless battery pack. The SnapLight, which attaches magnetically to the SnapGrip or directly to your phone, helps to eliminate harsh shadows and provides soft, even lighting. Finally, the SnapPod also magnetically attaches to your phone and can be used as a selfie stick or opens up for a table-top tripod. I am very impressed with all parts of the SnapGrip bundle and how it makes taking photos with my phone more like using a DSLR camera. – GeekDad Michael Knight

Crucial Memory and Solid State Drives

Price: Varies
Purchase: Crucial Website

Crucial is the trusted brand in this house for memory and solid state drives. We have bragged about our experiences with them before here on GeekDad and it’s well earned. Their products are quality on a budget that is friendly for families. My son has both an internal solid state drive and memory by Crucial and with each upgrade he’s noticed an improvement in his gaming. I’ve used their external solid state drives and I love how thin and portable they are, not to mention fast. You wouldn’t look at them and think that up to 4 TB of storage could be on that. – Daks

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