Review – Dark Crisis: Young Justice #5 – Battle for the Future

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Dark Crisis: Young Justice #5 variant cover, via DC Comics.

Dark Crisis: Young Justice #5 – Meghan Fitzmartin, Writer; Laura Braga, Artist; Luis Guerrero, Colorist

Ray – 8/10

Ray: We’re at the penultimate issue of this rather strange miniseries, and we’ve finally unmasked the main villain—Mickey Mxyzptlk, the nephew of the notorious Superman villain. This character is being presented as a past foe of Young Justice, which is rather odd and part of a larger problem with this series—despite being all about nostalgia for the good old days of YJ, it really doesn’t seem to be too close to the original run. There have been odd continuity glitches throughout the series, such as misstating the reason why Cissie left the team, misidentifying Empress (a character who deserved to appear in this series) as one of YJ’s villains instead of a long-time team member, and having an odd dynamic between the four core characters. This issue largely uses Mickey as a commentary on nostalgia-driven fans who treat new characters with toxicity, even including a collection of diverse heroes for him to attack.

The king of deception. Via DC Comics.

So why does this issue ultimately work a little better than I had expected? Simple—when it focuses on the main three boys, Fitzmartin does have a pretty solid handle on them. The trio has always been the core of the original series and the Teen Titans follow-up, and much of this mini seems to be poking fun at the way they’ve been stuck in arrested development by DC for a long time. The battle to return to the main world lets each of them shine nicely, particularly Bart—who tends to be used as comic relief far too often. It was also great to see Cassie and Cissie come to the rescue, each getting to shine, although Cassie could have been used more in the series given that the original book was just as much hers as the boys. This issue seems to wrap up most of the main plotlines, although there is one issue left, which might square this whole thing a little bit better with the main Dark Crisis story.

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