N!CK’S Goes Cubic With ‘Minecraft’ Ice Cream

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There are millions of people who love ice cream and millions who love playing Minecraft. If one were to draw a Venn diagram of the two groups, there will probably be millions who are in the middle and love both ice cream and Minecraft. Therefore, N!CK’S, a company known for its Swedish-style better-for-you snacks and treats, decided to target this demographic. The new ice cream collection marries the innovation of two Swedish brands, merging N!CK’s patented food science technology and flavor expertise with Minecraft’s iconic game elements to create delicious treats that are a healthier alternative to the full-fat and high-calorie ice creams on the market.

While N!CK’S ice cream is available at many local stores, their Minecraft flavors are only available directly from N!CK’S website. Each pint sells for $9.99 and comes in a special Minecraft container. There are also bundles available that include all four flavors. These bundles also include one or more of their ice cream and cookie sandwiches called Kräm as a bonus. The standard shipping cost is $15 for frozen deliveries. However, free shipping is included on orders of $75+. The ice cream comes shipped in a cooler packed with dry ice. When we received our shipment, the ice cream was still completely frozen and in better condition than if we had driven it home from the grocery store in just a bag. 

birthday cake
Cake Blocka. Image courtesy of N!CK’S

It is happy birthday to you whenever you open this pint. Creamy birthday cake ice cream is swirled with luscious strawberry and dotted with sprinkles. We like the strawberry added to the mix. (5g net carbs, 270 calories per pint)

apple pie
Enchanted Äpple Pie. Image courtesy of N!CK’S

Enchanted Äpple Pie starts with sweet apple pie ice cream and combines it with a magical swirl of graham cracker crumble. We also tasted a hint of caramel. This was a favorite of our family.  (5g net carbs, 280 calories per pint)

Emerald Minta. Image courtesy of N!CK’S

This flavor features creamy mint ice cream peppered with tasty peppermint chips and is not only delicious but refreshing. My family liked how the peppermint chips were soft and not hard like candy canes.  (4g net carbs, 270 calories per pint)

chocolate and peanut butter
Peanöt Choklad Glowdust. Image courtesy of N!CK’S

While the name might be a mouthful, you might want to take smaller bites and savor the rich chocolate ice cream with little gold mines of peanut butter cups and fudgy swirls. If you like chocolate with your peanut butter, this is the flavor for you. (5g net carbs, 370 calories per pint)

As the nutritional information for each flavor shows, N!CK’S ice cream contains fewer calories than some comparable brands of premium ice cream pints. Each flavor is Keto friendly and there is no added sugar. Our family enjoyed taste-testing the four flavors, and my kids who like to play Minecraft thought the theme, names, and containers were cool. Not only are these pints of ice cream tasty and fun, but they also make great gifts. Instead of sending frozen steaks or fruit cake this holiday season, consider sending N!CK’S Minecraft ice cream. These pints also make great party favors for birthday parties. 

Be sure to order these Minecraft flavors directly from N!CK’S website. They are available for a limited time. 

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