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In 2004, the Milton Bradley Company, a subsidiary of Hasbro, released a revolutionary tabletop game. Heroscape was a tactical gaming system that included painted miniatures and a unique play area that players created out of various size tiles that were divided into hexagonal shaped spaces. What made this play area even more incredible was the ability to stack tiles on top of each other to create different elevations of terrain which had an effect on gameplay. In addition to the Rise of the Valkyrie Master Set which contained everything players needed to get started, expansions were released which included new miniatures as well as new types of terrain. Heroscape has remained popular despite the series being discontinued in 2010. However, whether you missed out on the original or are a veteran fan, more is coming your way with Heroscape Age of Annihilation.

What Is Heroscape Age of Annihilation?

Heroscape Age of Annihilation is an expandable turn-based miniature wargaming system for 2 or more players, ages 8 and up, and takes about 30-60 minutes to play. It’s currently seeking funding through HasLab, with a pledge level of $249.99 for a copy of the game. The campaign ends on November 15, 2022. Heroscape Age of Annihilationn will be published by Avalon Hill and Habro Gaming. 

Age of Annihilation, takes you back to the remote planet of Valhalla, a once peaceful world now torn apart by evil. Dynastic rulers known as Valkyrie are fighting to control the wellsprings, mystical fountains that bestow mighty powers. However, these waters can also bring on the curse of frightening visions of total destruction. Warriors from across time and space have been summoned by the Valkyrie to Valhalla to battle for power and glory. Will they save their world? Or will they face utter annihilation?

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Heroscape Age of Annihilation Features

Note: The information is this article is based on a prototype copy, so it is subject to change and may not reflect final component quality.

Here is what is planned for the game:

  • 71 finely detailed miniatures, in molded colors that denote their affiliations.
  • 50 army cards, providing game rules for your miniatures.
  • An expandable hex-based modular tile terrain system, including 74 base pieces and 68 wall terrain pieces, 9 jungle terrain pieces, with which you can build varied, multilevel landscapes for your battles.
  • 5 original factions designed for this game, each with unique skills and strategies. Play as the Dryan Lifeborne Order, the Nemesis War Brood, the Dawn Raider Syndicate, the Clockwork Combine, or the Ironclad Collective!
  • Customizable armies in which each figure is given a point value, allowing you to choose which units to include in your army to suit your own play style.
  • 20 game scenarios specially created for Age of Annihilation.
The miniatures come in a variety of sizes. Image courtesy of HasbroGaming.

Why You Should Get Heroscape Age of Annihilation

When the original Heroscape released in 2004, I was so excited that I bought two master sets so I would be sure to have plenty of terrain. Over the next few years, I purchased most of the expansions as well. I really liked how the game allowed you to create armies from warriors from Earth’s history, science fiction, fantasy, and more. The game was very easy to learn and my children and I enjoyed building battlefields out of the tiles and then drafting armies. The rules are very straightforward. Movement consists of counting spaces on the tiles. If you have to move up an elevation of stacked tiles, that costs additional movement. Units can have ranged and or melee attacks, so if you are in range and your miniatures can “see” its target, you can attack. 

Heroscape Age of Annihilation will be compatible with the original system so you can use all of your tiles and armies. In fact, all of the miniatures in the new release are unique so veteran players will not be getting more of what they already have. The campaign offer two miniatures that are only available to those who pledge/pre-order during the campaign. Plus there are five stretch goals that are added as the campaign reaches set numbers of backers. 

I still get out and play the original Heroscape. It is easy to set up and get playing. You can really learn and teach the rules quickly and as you play. Drafting armies is almost as fun as playing as you pick teams that have abilities that reflect your objectives and play style. I am excited that Hasbro Gaming has decided to bring it back and and expand on the system with completely new armies and factions. Now I just have to be patient until it released in the fall of 2023.

Some of the miniatures are large and detailed such as Air Marshall Zed Nesbitt. Image courtesy of HasbroGaming.

For more information or to make a pledge, visit the Heroscape Age of Annihilation funding/pre-order page!

Here is a trailer of the upcoming game. 

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