All Aboard! TableTop Plays Ticket to Ride Europe

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Season two is drawing to a close and in this episode of TableTop, the game is Ticket to Ride Europe. From Edinburgh to Constantinople, players take turns building train routes between Europe’s greatest cities. If you’re familiar with the original Ticket to Ride, this sequel adds ferries, tunnels, and train stations for a whole new game experience.

In this episode, Wil plays with Emma Caulfield, John Kovalic, and the show’s most requested returning guest, Anne Wheaton. The game turns out to be a very close contest — full of tension and quite stressful — and the margin of victory is much closer than expected. You’ll have to watch to see who wins (and whether or not Anne exhibits some nerd rage), but be sure to enjoy this episode before TableTop closes season two with the games Fortune & Glory and Lords of Vegas.

Side notes: Kovalic has been celebrating the episode through a series of Dork Tower comics this week, which have been a very amusing take (as always) on the series. Also, like many GeekDad readers, Kovalic’s daughter loves TableTop, but thinks Wil curses a bit much. To remind Wil to watch his mouth, she gave him a bear … which Wil promptly named “Salty Bollocks” so that every time he is reminded not to curse he can call out Salty Bollocks’ name.

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