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WaterField’s Pouch Is a Must-Have for Analogue Pocket Owners

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After months—wait, no—years of anticipation, I am finally the proud owner of an Analogue Pocket handheld gaming system. There’s very little I can say about the Pocket that hasn’t already been stated elsewhere, save, perhaps, the fact that in a matter of days this thing practically rendered all my other carefully modified Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance systems obsolete.

And suffice it to say I have a lot of modded Game Boys. A. Lot.

Just like the systems that inspired it, the Analogue Pocket is perfectly portable, but, since this is a designer product with a price tag to match, it’s not exactly the kind of thing you want to just toss into your workbag. (Unlike the various DMGs I tend to travel with—those things are tanks!)

Unsurprisingly, our friends at WaterField Designs were quick to put together an ideal travel case for the Pocket. Equally unsurprisingly, my own WaterField Analogue Pocket Pouch arrived at my house a good week before the system it was designed to protect.

Like most of the WaterField products we’ve reviewed here at GeekDad, the Pocket Pouch splits the difference between padding and portability, offering a rugged multi-tonal 800 D Forza textile exterior with a luxurious plush interior. That helps it ward off any unexpected bumps or the odd sharp object while also cradling the Pocket’s gorgeous 3.5-inch LCD—all with minimal overall bulk.

A hidden magnetic closure keeps your system safely in place, and a zippered pocket provides some nice additional storage. While this is the perfect place to stash your power and link cables, I’m an Android user, so a USB-C charger is never more than a few feet away from me.

Instead, I’ve taken to keeping game cartridges in mine. It can easily fit two GB/GBC carts or four GBA games—though I tend to split the difference and go with one of the former and two of the latter myself. Adding to that an extra cartridge in the Analogue Pocket itself, that makes for a pretty solid selection of games on-hand—again safely stored with minimal added bulk.

At $49, the WaterField Analogue Pocket Pouch certainly isn’t your least expensive storage option, but it is by far the best when you factor in its quality construction, careful attention to detail, and that trademark WaterField style! Yes, the Pouch looks just as premium and elegant as the Analogue Pocket, and it makes a fantastic travel companion for your shiny new system.

Review materials provided by WaterField Designs.

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