Songs of Love From Alphabet Rockers & Mista Cookie Jar and Sonia De Los Santos

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A trio of children’s music performers have warmed the winter by releasing a pair of tunes celebrating tenderness and affection.

The Alphabet Rockers are once again in the running for a Grammy for Best Children’s Album through their participation on All One Tribe from the One Tribe Collective. They’ve teamed with a master of kindie collaboration, Mista Cookie Jar (C.J. Pizarro), on “The Word Is Love.” CJ and Kaitlin McGaw and Tommy Shepherd (the Rockers) deliver a fresh slice of kid-hop with a message of the power of positivity:

Love is way more than the fabric we fit in
We rep these colors every shade of our melanin
We say what’s not fair without fear of tellin em
(that’s love) It’s not a secret that we’re keeping
It’s the password that keeps mean words from creeping

Grab “The Word Is Love” from SpotifyAmazon, or Apple Music.

On the east coast, bilingual songstress Sonia De Los Santos has released a new song, “All I Need Is Your Smile.” On the west coast, the Alphabet Rockers and Mista Cookie Jar have teamed up for “The Word Is Love.”

Sonia De Los Santos has a new single
De Los Santos’s third CD, Esperanza (“hope” in Spanish), still qualifies as “new,” since its release last May. However, the genre is transitioning as individual songs (don’t call them singles anymore) and videos are becoming the industry norm. “All I Need Is Your Smile” demonstrates that her time performing with Dan Zanes flavored her songwriting and delivery, right down to the choral refrain “When everything is not quite fine / my sweet little Valentine.”  The song is an easy-to-learn ballad about how the simplest human gesture can lighten a person’s spirit, with some Spanish phrasing that highlights the universal appeal of a sunny disposition.
Listen to and download “All I Need Is Your Smile” from SpotifyAmazon, and Apple Music.
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