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Angela James HI RES

In some ways, I miss the days when my kids napped. Because now, they are older and complain when I want to nap. But that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate a good lullaby or point overwhelmed recent parents in the direction of such sweet netherworld whisperings.

Chicago-based musician Angela James enters the calming fray with Quiet Night, made for weary parents by weary parents.

By its definition, a lullaby is supposed to put a child to sleep. Weary adults, however, must pair off if one of them is going to attempt to stick the landing of taming a tantrumming child while operating a driving vehicle (sedan or SUV).

James provides eight tunes, with the lilting and descriptive titles of “Goodnight, My Honey” and “Sweetest Bird,” for those occasions when your little darling is acting like a sleep-deprived little monster.

Quiet Night
Angela James’ new lullaby CD, “Quiet Night.”

Quiet Night sprang forth from musical improvisation, instrumentation, and postpartum depression. Oh, what a dreamy triplex. And indeed, with collaboration from the experimental musical community, James found solace while raising her newborn daughter, Hattie.

The mid-to-low range tunes deliver you to a stealthy dreamworld while opening the doors to imagination and classical music. Dreams are our nightly voyages into ourselves and there’s nothing to fear, James coos into impressionable young minds. You will believe a crabby baby can sleep. As well as an even crabbier parent. Prepare for many a quiet night.

Quiet Night is available from Angela James’ website.

Here is the video for Angela’s song, “In Between”:

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