‘Norse Mythology III’ Issue # 1: Thor Faces the Giants (Again!)

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Authors: Neil Gaiman, P. Craig Russell | Artist: David Rubín | Colorist: David Rubín | Cover Artist: P. Craig Russell

Norse Mythology III issue #1 starts with the same wit, love of exaggeration, sense of wonder, and all-in-all marvelous way of adapting old Nordic folktales and mythology of the previous issues, continuing to amaze us with the existence of Asgard.

On this occasion, we encounter a tradition that is as old as time itself: the incredible feats the gods must face in order to show their powers to the giants.

The sea giant Aegir is chilling in his undersea castle (very much like the Greek god Poseidon will do afterward) when the gods of the Aesir bang on his door, demanding a feast.

Now, gods eat a lot, so Aegir decides to avoid having to throw a banquet by sending Thor and Tyr off on a wild quest to find a cauldron. This cauldron must be the biggest in the world, because gods will brew beer on it, and they are always thirsty.

Now, the two friends travel to a house where a giantess will receive them, and Thor will have to play who-is-the-mightiest with the powerful giant who owns the cauldron.

And here comes one tall tale we are all familiar with: who can eat more, be more ambitious, catch bigger fish, and all that? The giant or the mighty Thor?

And what if the exploits are so dangerous that the entire world could feel the tremors of the battles? The mighty will fight on regardless, try to break cups and go fishing for whales, and everything is just funny and weird and marvelous—and it’s not even finished yet!

Norse Mythology III issue #1 is available on February 09, 2022.

Genre: Fantasy
Publication Date: February 09, 2022
Format: FC, 32 pages; Ongoing
Price: $3.99
UPC:7 61568 00910 1 00111

Featured image by David Rubín, all images belong to Dark Horse Comics


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