‘Falconspeare’- A Fantastic and Weird Turn of Events

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Falconspeare. Writer: Mike Mignola, Warwick Johnson-Cadwell Artist:
Warwick Johnson-Cadwell Letterer: Clem Robins Colorist: Warwick Johnson-Cadwell Cover Artist: Mike Mignola, Dave Stewart

This is the third collaboration between Mike Mignola and Warwick Johnson-Cadwell. You can read our review of Mr. Higgins Comes Home and Our Encounters with Evil by following the links.

They are fun pieces of work, and this third installment is as charming as the others. It is so satisfying when a story surprises you, the twist presented here on the topical slayer vs. monster is really amazing and I did not see it coming.

Professor J.T. Meinhardt and Mr. Knox are two fearless vampire hunters, now aided by a lady by the name of Ms. Mary Van Sloan. The trio have been sloppily killing vampires in the Victorian era, through an amazing mixture of good luck and weird chances that are really like slapstick comedy. The monsters are as terrified of them as you would be with Mr. Magoo and his inexhaustible capacity for mayhem.

Now, they have received a mysterious letter from their friend, the vampire slayer “extraordinaire”, James Falconspeare. He has been in a remote location (Moldovena) hunting vampires on Eastern Europe, but seems to have vanished since the letter arrived.

Intrigued, the trio decides to go search for him. And, as one does, they hop on a train to the port of Betivuka on the Black Sea. Once they get there, people seem to remember Falconspeare, and start giving clues on his whereabouts.

The loose style and twists makes us think of a vampire topic novel for early teens, there is not much gore, it is just a perfect mystery.

‘Falconspeare’ is on sale since January 12, 2022.

Genre: Fantasy, Horror
Publication Date: January 12, 2022
Price: $17.99
Age range: 14
ISBN-10: 1-50672-476-0
ISBN-13: 978-1-50672-476-8

Featured image by Warwick Johnson-Cadwell, all images belong to Dark Horse Comics

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