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Mike Mignola returns to the endearing horror tales with this second part of Mr. Higgins Comes Home.

Our Encounters With Evil

Writer: Mike Mignola, Warwick Johnson-Cadwell Artist: Warwick Johnson-Cadwell Colorist: Dave Stewart, Warwick Johnson-Cadwell Cover Artist: Mike Mignola

As we said in our first review, Mike Mignola and Warwick Johnson-Cadwell created this bizarre world as an homage to classic horror books and films, especially those produced by Hammer Studios. In Our Encounters With Evil, the weird and funny are combined  with the scary and “expected”, and it all includes vampires.

The drawing skills of Johnson-Cadwell are amazing and while his style might resemble Mignola’s work, it is truly its own thing.

Professor J.T. Meinhardt and Mr. Knox, two fearless vampire hunters, are now aided by a fierce woman by the name of Ms. Mary Van Sloan, and as before, they seem to be completely lucky in their pursuit. Even, uncannily so.

Our Encounters With Evil

These are three separate stories, all with an unexpected twist and a jokingly weird end for the monsters, something truly delightful to read. I am genuinely surprised by the humor, aesthetic and seemingly seamless way everything works out for the worst. It seems to me that the couple of vampire hunters are terrible and terrifying to monsters, because they bring them the worst of luck.

And surprisingly, I think it′s ideal for young teenagers for that very same reason.

These are not sexy vampires who are obsessed by power, they′re more like ordinary weird monsters having the worst day/night ever. And it′s pretty funny to watch.

‘Our Encounters With Evil: Adventures of Professor J.T. Meinhardt and his Assistant Mr. Knox’ is available on stores since November 26, 2019.

Genre: Horror, Fantasy, Crime, Action/Adventure
Publication Date: November 13, 2019
Format: FC, 88 pages; HC; 6 5/8″ x 10 3/16″
Price: $17.99
Age range: 14
ISBN-10: 1-50671-166-9
ISBN-13: 978-1-50671-166-9

Featured image by Mike Mignola, all images belong to Dark Horse Comics

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