Gamebud Talking Tom Is Your Own Personal Interactive Audio-Animatronic

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When you think of an audio-animatronic, you probably think of attractions at your favorite theme park. However, now you can have a talking cat with attitude in your own home that interacts with you and will even provide commentary while you play specific games. Gamebud Talking Tom can be your own personal animatronic friend. 

What Is the Gamebud Talking Tom?

Gamebud is the world’s first physical, talking-animatronic streamer that connects to an in-app gaming universe.  Talking Tom, from the Talking Tom and Friends award-winning family entertainment brand, is a live streamer for families that offers two-way interactions with gameplay. It is appropriate for those 8 years old and up. Gamebud Talking Tom is currently available for $99.99 directly from the Gamebud website. The first 10,000 customers receive a numbered certificate of authenticity along with a Superhero facemask for Talking Tom. 

superhero mask
Talking Tom comes with a superhero mask you can put on him for a disguise. Image courtesy of Gamebud.

What’s in the Box?

The Gamebud Talking Tom includes the following:

  • Gamebud Talking Tom
  • Superhero facemask
  • Micro USB charging cable
  • Instruction manual

How to Use Gamebud Talking Tom

Gamebud is very easy to use. After talking it out of the box, plug the USB cable into Talking Tom’s back and then the other end into a USB charging outlet. When the light next to the charging slot changes from orange (charging) to green (fully charged), you are ready to play. While Tom is charging, download the free pairing app, which is available for both iOS as well as Android. Open up the app and press down on Talking Tom’s head to turn it on. Follow the directions on the app to connect Talking Tom to your WiFi. Within the app, you can use the Soundboard feature to make Talking Tom say 144 different things in 12 different categories. As he talks, Tom’s eyes, ears, eyebrows, and mouth all animate. The app also features three different stories Tom can tell you that require the listener to respond and interact. 

pairing app
The pairing app has different ways to interact with Talking Tom. Image by Michael Knight.

Talking Tom can interact with two different games: Talking Tom Hero Dash and Talking Tom Gold Run. They need to be downloaded separately from either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. They are free to download but do offer in-app purchases. Once you connect Talking Tom with the pairing app, you can then play either of the two games and the Gamebud will interact with you as you play, offering encouragement and commenting on your gameplay. When you are done playing with Talking Tom, press and hold down his head for a couple seconds and he will bid you farewell and turn off.

interaction with games
Talking Tom talks to you while playing two separate games. Image courtesy of Gamebud.

Why You Should Get Gamebud Talking Tom

Gamebud Talking Tom is pretty impressive. His eyes are each video screens about an inch in diameter and the graphics are fun to watch. Not only do you see his green eyes, but he winks and other animations such as fireworks, explosion, and noxious gas appear in the eyes to give him character and emotions. In addition to the eyes, Talking Tom’s ears move up and down, his eyebrows move to show emotions, and his mouth movements are synchronized with his speech. All of these, along with his speech and sound effects, really bring this character to life with a bit of an attitude. There are over 500 minutes of unique and interactive content so you are not hearing the same things over and over.

Talking Tom works with Talking Tom Hero Dash and Talking Tom Gold Run. Image by Michael Knight.

It is fun to play around with the sound board and hear Tom say some wacky things. In the library, you can choose from three interactive stories about Aliens, Shipping, and the Time of the Year. Tom will start the story and stop throughout to wait for a response to his questions. These are entertaining for children and even adults may enjoy them. In no time at all, you will find yourself talking back to this funny feline. Both of the games with which Talking Tom can connect are running games where you have to use your finger to move left or right as well as jump up or duck down. As you collect items, you can unlock various items in the games such as costumes. However, Gamebud Talking Tom really adds to the experience. He compliments your performance and offers encouragement.

For more information about Gamebud Talking Tom, visit the Gamebud website

Here is a video of Gamebud Talking Tom in action.


Disclosure: GeekDad received a sample of this item for review purposes.

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