GekkoPod Camera Mount

Mount Your Camera Anywhere With GekkoPod

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GekkoPod Camera Mount
GekkoPod with included smartphone adapter. Photo: Jonathan H. Liu

The GekkoPod is a camera accessory that can grab onto just about anything so you can get the shot you want. It’s designed to work with smartphones, GoPro cameras, and even regular point-and-shoot cameras. It was originally funded on Kickstarter in 2015, and is now available directly from the GekkoPod website or from online retailers like Amazon for $19.95.

GekkoPod Camera Mount
A few potential configurations for the GekkoPod. Photos: Jonathan H. Liu

The GekkoPod has five bendable metal arms with a rubber exterior, making it safe for use underwater if you’re using a waterproof camera. One arm has a hole through it, as does the center, so that you have two options for mounting a camera using the standard screw, or a GoPro camera mount. (An optional swivel-head mount gives you even more versatility.)

GekkoPod Smartphone Adapter
The smartphone adapter has a spring clamp that adjusts to different phone sizes. Photo: Jonathan H. Liu

For use with a smartphone, you have a couple of options. Two of the arms have prongs that can hold onto a smartphone, though that seems to work best when it’s resting on a surface rather than hanging off a branch. For a more secure grip, use the included smartphone adapter, a little clamp that unfolds and grabs onto the sides of your phone. One side has a standard camera thread so you can screw the adapter onto the body.

GekkoPod in Costa Rica
The GekkoPod hanging out in Costa Rica. Photos: Jonathan H. Liu

My oldest daughter recently took a trip to Costa Rica, and I sent my GoPro Hero 3 with her, along with the GekkoPod. While she didn’t use it for recording her trip on the zipline, it did make it possible to set up the camera just about anywhere. You can see it in action in the photos above.

I know, a lot of people are just fine with stretching out their arms and taking selfies, but it means that you always get close-ups with one arm going off the side of the picture, and it’s harder to get a big group at once. The GekkoPod is a handy way to include yourself in a big group photo, without the need for a tripod.

For more information, visit the official GekkoPod website.

Disclosure: I received a sample unit for review.

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