Review — ‘Gigantic’ by Ashley Stokes: Meet Kevin Stubbs, The Knower

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“Lots of things where unlikely, but they happened. It was unlikely that the coelacanth (aka an old fish) had survived the prehistoric era but it did: FACT.”-Stokes

I have to say, I love Kevin Stubbs. Since the first ramblings of his deranged mind, I’ve loved him. I kept seeing him as Simon Pegg—fast-paced, funny, and weird—and thinking that Gigantic deserves a fourth installment right alongside The Cornetto Trilogy. Of course, cryptozoologist Dereck Funnel should be his Nick Frost.

I bet Ashley Stokes had this in mind from the moment he started writing this witty, crazy, absolutely nonsensical narrative, and I truly hope to see Gigantic as a movie alongside Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and The World’s End. It deserves all the shining glory it can get.

What is Gigantic?

It is a novel told by both the account of Agent MonkeyMagic, aka Kevin Stubbs, aka the Knower, a member of the GIT (aka the Gigantopithecus Intelligence Team), and this woman scientist set to prove him wrong, an expert on jungle sightings and real science: Maxine Cash, the Scully to this Mulder.

What is the GIT looking for?

They are looking for the nine-foot-tall, red-eyed, hairy relict hominid, the North Surrey Gigantopithecus. It has been sighted and recorded by blurry video, it has screamed in the night alongside the golf course near the London Borough of Sutton, it exists: FACT.

Why should you read Gigantic?

Because it’s funny. Because you feel for the mind of Kevin Stubbs after you learn what happened to him. Because you want him to be back with his kid Kyrilo and his Ukrainian wife. Because you need to assign a new significance to the word pareidolia, and because, even though you are expecting it, the ending catches up with you from a sneaky soft spot inside of your own mind—the soft spot that wants to believe in the sasquatch, the chupacabra, and all of the legends out there.

In short, Ashley Stokes has crafted a very enjoyable piece of work.

Gigantic is on sale as of September 2, 2021.
Paperback ISBN: 9781912658145
ePub ISBN: 9781912658152
Publication date: 2 September 2021
Format: Paperback, ePub, and mobi

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