Review – Blue and Gold #2: Crash Test Dummies

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Blue and Gold #2 variant cover, via DC Comics.

Blue and Gold #2 – Dan Jurgens, Writer; Ryan Sook, Artist

Ray – 8.5/10

Ray: The first issue of this revival comic was an action-packed blast that saw Ted Kord turn down the Justice League and go into business with his old friend Booster instead, but it’s not long before this starts to go sideways. The opening of this issue is one of the best action scenes of the run so far—which is a high bar given that the book opened with an alien invasion. Ted’s self-driving truck system has been hijacked, stealing one of his trucks and sending it hurtling towards a cliff—with Booster Gold somehow stuck on top and Skeets trapped in the back. Ted and his new “Dune Buggy,” the low-tech replacement for the Bug ship, manage to save the day, but not before losing a lot of valuable technology AND the truck, and forgetting to livestream the rescue for Booster’s channel. It’s works as an action scene, but the social media satire is where this segment really works at its best.

High speed. Via DC Comics.

Booster is ridiculous and Ted is trying his best, but his company doesn’t see it that way, and Ted soon finds himself on the outs at his own company. This reminds me a little too much of Bruce’s current predicament, right down to being blamed for his technology going south and being used by a villain. It’s a little too familiar, but it puts Ted in a fix just as his business with Booster is about to get off the ground and he needs money. And of course, Booster doesn’t ask Ted before he makes a big commitment they can in no way afford right now. The main plot is still a little unclear, but it doesn’t really matter. This book is as much about just enjoying watching these two—back in vintage form—playing off each other as they get into ridiculous antics. I feel like it could maybe use a little more straight-up comedy and a little less high stakes, but I’m not complaining about a great revival like this among DC’s roster.

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