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Kickstarter Alert: ZOALA Weighted Blanket Pledge Levels

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With a solid two weeks left in the campaign, the Kickstarter for the ZOALA weighted blanket from SAVOIZ is fully funded but continues onward and upward. Scores of parents and caregivers have already pitched in to help make this project a cozy, restful reality for tiny troubled sleepers the world over. If you’re not yet one of them, let’s take a moment to examine the various pledge levels and rewards the ZOALA has to offer.

As with most Kickstarters, you can pledge without a reward. This is always a good option for those who simply want to offer support but may not have the finances for higher-tier options. For $5 Canadian (that’s about four American dollars), the team at SAVOIZ will even send you a virtual hug!

ZOALA blanket dinosaur pattern.
The weighted blanket has evolved.

For $88 Canadian ($70 USD), backers can get on board at the campaign’s most popular level. Limited to 150 units, this tier offers October shipping of the 5 lb. ZOALA weighted blanket. That’s a cool 30% off MSRP and includes free shipping to buyers in the US and Canada plus a free storybook and koala soft toy.

An $89 early bird pledge ($71 USD) also nets you free US/Canadian shipping, the book, the plush koala, and a blanket size and style of your choice with an estimated ship time of December 2021. At this tier, you can also choose optional add-ons, including any weighted cover of your choice and the SAVOIZ indoor therapy swing.

While the two previous levels are limited to 150 pledges each, the $99 tier ($79 USD and still 20% off MSRP) is open to an unlimited number of backers. It includes one ZOALA blanket in a size and style of your choosing plus free US/Canadian shipping and optional add-ons like the koala and storybook, another weighted blanket of your choice, and the SAVOIZ indoor swing.

ZOALA blanket in green
Experience comfort at an affordable price.

Limited to 50 backers, the early bird two-pack comes in at $149 Canadian ($119 USD). This includes, obviously, two ZOALA blankets in your choice of size/style with free US/Canadian shipping, and you can include any of the aforementioned optional add-ons.

Lastly, the unlimited Kickstarter two-pack is just a bit more, $169 (about $134 USD). Similarly, this pledge comes with two ZOALA blankets, free US/Canadian shipping, and any optional add-ons.

Though the ZOALA Kickstarter has reached its midpoint, there are still plenty of enticing offers available. Interested parties are highly encouraged to head on over to the project’s official site to peruse these warm and cuddly wares for themselves.

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