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5x Video and 5x Tabletop – 10 Excellent New Gaming Projects on Kickstarter This Week

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Kickstarter VG 061616


A whole menagerie of wraithlike spirits are flying around in here.


Dwindle – A Psychological Survival Video Game

You’re trapped in a mine in 1902. This is affecting your stress level.


Defenders of Naxia

What’s your battle style: aggressive, defensive, evasive, or balanced?


Survive the West

Historically accurate, if you ignore all the voxels.


Kinetik: A Tactical RPG Shooter from veteran AAA developers

Two former Sony guys aim to provide high-octane action in a near-future world.



Kickstarter TTG 061616
Summit, The Board Game- Mountaineering Mayhem & Killer Karma

Summiting is hard, but climbing back down the mountain is much harder.


Symbaroum: Thistle Hold – Wrath of the Warden

A new set of adventures for the Symbaroum indie RPG.



Compete to form the solar system of your dreams in this board game.


Far East War 1592

War for control of the Korean Peninsula among Chinese, Japanese, and Korean forces.


Kepler 3042
Space discovery game with “real science,” because terraforming is┬ájust around the corner.

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