Review – The Flash #773: Burning Rage

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The Flash #773 variant cover, via DC Comics.

The Flash #773 – Jeremy Adams, Writer; Will Conrad, Artist; Alex Sinclair, Colorist

Ray – 8.5/10

Ray: After years of high-octane Flash stories dedicated to the mythology of the Speed Force, this run is a breath of fresh air. In fact, it’s probably the most determinedly old-school comic in DC’s stable. Focusing on Wally West as he tries to balance superhero work, his new job at Terrifitech, and family life, it has a low-key vibe but also packs a serious emotional punch in places. The main threat is Heat Wave, who just received a terminal diagnosis last issue and wastes no time burning down the hospital and returning to a life of crime. His storyline here reminds me a little of Mr. Freeze’s darkest episode in the animated continuity, as he tried to destroy people’s life’s work after realizing that he was never going to achieve his ultimate goal of being reunited with his wife. Mick Rory is never a real physical threat to Flash here, but the challenge is staying ahead of him before he does something truly irredeemable.

Whirlwind. Via DC Comics.

Jeremy Adams has a great take on Wally’s compassion and human touch, as he’s one of the few heroes besides Superman who seems to view trying to talk villains down as the ideal first strategy. The material at his work, as he tries to impress a trio of mercurial scientists as he points out a common-sense solution to a complex problem, is a lot of fun. What little we see of the Flash fam is entertaining as well, and it’s great to see a hero whose family life is a relief rather than a source for drama. The one problem this run has? It works in a lot of ties to other books, including guest appearances for both Amanda Waller and Jessica Cruz, tying into their upcoming stories. But a few issues into the regular run, it seems to have undone a lot of the recent damage to Wally’s character and restored him to how he works best—a hero with a touch of the average Joe.

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