Review – The Books of Magic #7: Enter the Fae

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The Books of Magic #7 cover, via DC Comics.

The Books of Magic #7 – Kat Howard, Writer; Tom Fowler, Breakdowns; Brian Churilla, Finishes; Jordan Boyd, Colorist


Ray – 8/10

The first six issues of The Books of Magic have been very grounded, focusing on Tim Hunter in his everyday life as he tries to learn magic without being discovered. That changes this issue, as the death of his teacher and the disappearance of his closest friend sends him and his rough-edged mentor Rose on a quest through the world of magic. When The Books of Magic #7 opens, the police have discovered the link between the disappearance of Ellie Jones and the death of Mr. Brisby, and Tim’s name keeps on popping up. They’re about to go looking for him – but he’s nowhere to be found as he and Rose are wandering the London magical underground. We’re introduced to this via a segment of them struggling to shut a door full of tentacle monsters before it eats them. Their enemies seem to be closing ranks – Hettie has disappeared with Tim’s owl, and their mutual enemy literally shuts the door on them at one point.

Tim Hunter, marked. Via DC Comics.

Their attempt to track Ellie takes a detour when they’re shunted into the realm of the Faeries, a place consumed by magic that saps their memories. Tim knows he’s been here before, but he can’t remember it, and tensions rise quickly between him and Rose. Kat Howard has done a good job with the lead character in this series, never forgetting that even as things get crazy, Tim is a kid and his reaction to things isn’t always going to be productive. The art is still strong, but distinctly less smooth than previous issues as a co-artist joins Tom Fowler. We’ll see if this is a permanent change. The end of the issue introduces a very powerful figure who may have ties to Tim – that he doesn’t remember.

It’s a slow burn of a comic, but one that’s kept moving by its compelling main character and its strong ongoing mysteries.

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