‘Castle Panic Deluxe Collection’ Late Pledge Opens

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Castle Panic Deluxe Collection launched on Kickstarter back on May 11th. Over 2,000 people backed the very successful campaign. However, for those who missed the campaign, there is still an opportunity to get this great game. Fireside Games has opened up their Pledge Manager which will also allow for late pledges. Here is the link to the Pledge Manager. In addition to getting the deluxe version of the base game, all three of the original expansions are also available in deluxe format complete with miniatures and wooden tokens. There is also a deluxe version of a brand new expansion, Crowns and Quests, which has never before been released. This adds some new and unique mechanics to the game which I am excited to play. 

I had a chance to play a prototype of the Castle Panic Deluxe Collection earlier this year. I was already a fan of the original game from before and found that the plastic miniatures and wooden tokens really took this fun and engaging game to the next level. My family loved playing the game with all of the deluxe components and were sad when we had to send in on to the next reviewer. You can read my review here. Castle Panic is a great starter game for families building up a game collection since it is cooperative and even younger players can play along with the help of older siblings or adults. 

If you already have the original Castle Panic and just want to upgrade your game, there are options to just get the plastic miniatures. For those who don’t really want miniatures, but would like the wooden monster tokens, there is an option for that. Fireside Games has read the comments from backers during the Kickstarter Campaign and gone out of their way to provide many different options. Of course, if you want everything, including a playmat and all expansions, there is an All-In option available as well. 

Castle Panic Deluxe Collection will not be available for retail sale, unless your FLGS bought some copies through the campaign. Fireside Games is only done one manufacturing run for the deluxe version. Therefore, it you want to get this version of the game, the Pledge Manager is your last chance. If Castle Panic is not already in your gaming collection, now is a great time to add it. 

castle panic setup
The game setup and ready to play. Image by Michael Knight.

Disclosure: GeekDad received a copy of this book for review purposes.

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