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GeekDad Review: Upgrading the Home Office With a Vitrazza Glass Office Chair Mat

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Like many people, I’ve been working from home during the pandemic. Unlike most people, I’ve been doing so full-time for over a decade. That’s meant being able to justify splurging on some office equipment upgrades. One thing I hadn’t thought of was a glass chair mat. However, I was sent one to try out by Vitrazza, and I have to say, this is a really nice upgrade to the whole home office setup.

Vitrazza chair mat review
(L) My beat-up plastic chair mat and (R) Vitrazza glass chair mat. (Photo by Brad Moon)

Unpacking and Installation

The Vitrazza mat arrived in a very sturdy, reinforced, flat-pack box. That makes sense given that there’s a big sheet of glass inside. The setup was pretty straightforward. Step one is freeing the mat from the packaging. You may need two people for this, depending on the size of the mat. Next up is applying “Stabil-a-Dots” to the bottom of the mat. These are small, self-adhesive bumpers that prevent the mat from rubbing against the floor and keep it in place. The company included Stabil-a-Dots for hardwood or carpeted floors, along with a diagram that shows the ideal positioning. Then lay the mat in place. If you need to move it, a plastic tool is provided to lift an edge so you can get a hold.

It’s a little more involved than the average plastic chair mat. However, I did not miss the process of unrolling a plastic mat and then trying to flatten it.

Hands-on With A Vitrazza Glass Office Chair Mat

Vitrazza offers a rather large selection of pre-made glass chair mats (and desk mats as well), and if there’s not a size or shape that accommodates your setup, they offer can customize one up to 40 square feet in size. (I’d hate to see the box for that!)

They all start with very solid glass, though. That means made-in-America, 1-4-inch thick Tufver tempered glass with “Invisible Shield Pro-15 nano-tech coating,” micro bevelling, and furniture-grade polished edges. The Vitrazza mats are able to hold over 1,000 pounds, and they’re scratch and slip-resistant. If you do manage to break one (and in five months, I’ve yet to do) it crumbles instead of breaking into shards.

The version I was sent immediately made my old plastic mat look and feel pretty terrible. No more worn edges, scrapes, or discoloration. My chair glides nicely.

Another Upgrade Option: Your Chair’s Wheels

Vitrazza chair mat review
Vitrazza’s hubless wheels made a big difference with my office chair. (Photo by Brad Moon)

Many office chairs are equipped with inexpensive plastic wheels. They get the job done, but they can require effort to turn, they can be noisy, and they might skate over a chair mat. However, most are easily replaceable. Vitrazza sent me a set of their own Enso hubless office chair wheels. These premium wheels feature non-marring urethane and a very cool-looking hub-less design. They were a big improvement over my chair’s own wheels—silent and effortlessly smooth. If I accidentally go over the edge of the mat, I hardly even notice it with these wheels. They cushion the bump.

Replacing the wheels was a matter of pulling them out and pushing the new ones in. The Enso wheels are sold in a five-pack for $95.

One Downside of a Glass Mat? Dogs

Overall, I’ve really enjoyed the upgrade to a glass office chair mat. And it looks much more professional as well.

However, I have discovered two issues that are a direct result of the fact that my two dogs spend a lot of time in my office. The first is that I have to wipe down the glass mat now and then because drool marks really show. The other is a little more difficult to resolve. There is a very narrow space between the hardwood floor and the bottom of the glass mat. As it turns out, that’s just enough space for the occasional long dog hair to slide under and work its way toward the middle. My vacuum can’t get these wayward hairs out once they’re out of reach, so every few months I’ve had to pop the mat up to quickly vacuum the floor beneath.


Vitrazza review
Vitrazza glass office chair mats are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and even custom configurations. (Image copyright Vitrazza)

Is a glass office chair mat a necessity? Absolutely not. And you won’t see a big payback like the ergonomic benefit when spending the money to upgrade from a basic task chair to a high-quality office chair. However, with a Vitrazza glass mat, your office chair will scoot around much more smoothly. You’ll avoid the inevitable degraded look a plastic chair mat develops over time. And you’ll never have to replace it.

The price is more than a plastic chair mat, but not ridiculously so. A basic 36-inch by 48-inch rectangular version is $255.

If you’re interested in a Vitrazza glass office chair mat, the company has provided GeekDad readers with a discount code. Enter GEEKDAD15 at checkout to save 15% on your order.

Disclosure: Vitrazza provided a chair mat for evaluation but had no input into this review. As an Amazon Associate, I earn affiliate fees from qualifying purchases.

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