Review: Purple Kids’ Collection – Because Comfort Isn’t Just for Adults

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These days it feels like you can’t go anywhere without seeing a mattress ad. One of the biggest culprits is Purple. We last reviewed one over two years ago. You might think not a lot has changed with mattresses, and yet you would be incorrect. I was recently doing some mattress shopping and noticed the new version of the Purple Grid was kind of neat. I decided to reach out to see what else was new and discovered quite a bit. Specifically, Purple now has a Kids’ Collection. As this is a parenting site, it seemed like the perfect item to review.

The default Kid Mattress is rated for up to 14 years old, which normally would not be an issue as my son is 10. However, he is also a small giant, already mistaken for a lad of 13. With that in mind, our rep pointed us toward the twin Purple mattress, which is only $100 more. The difference is more support, and the bed will grow with him.

One disclosure: My son is a bit spoiled when it comes to beds. His usual bed is a queen review unit from 2017 that I downgraded from that is still one of the most comfortable beds I’ve used. I figured going to a twin would be a tough sell. Nope! All it took was getting to see the bed in a bag “inflate” for him to want it.

His first impression was that it was “jiggly,” like sleeping on Jell-O. Which is a pretty good description. It’s like a waterbed with resistance. This may sound bad, but it was very comfortable. The grid allows you to sink in but isn’t as weirdly uneven as some foam mattresses. I took a nap on it and my bad shoulder was babied on a level that my current very expensive bed can’t manage.

And it IS fun to jump on
[Source: Purple}
As for my son, after a week on the Purple, he announced it the most comfortable bed he’s slept on. The only reason he went back to his queen bed at the end of testing was to have room for the dog.

However, he will hold on to the Harmony pillow that came with it for as long as it lasts. The application of the Purple grid tech to pillows is an inspired idea, and it’s like sleeping on a marshmallow. It’s not quite firm enough to prop up and read on, but he has other pillows for that. This is for sleeping on.

They also make a Kids’ pillow, which they sent us but which does not fit my son’s head. (Told you he’s a giant.) Not that my son cares. It’s on his bed and I’m pretty sure he squeezes it in his sleep.

Source: Purple

So what’s the verdict? Are Purple’s mattresses a gimmick? Sure, but the best kind of gimmick—the kind that works. If you like soft sleeping but not TOO soft, consider it for you. If you want a bed that will be gentle with your growing kid and not break the bank? Head over to Purple.

Note: Purple sent me two pillows and a mattress for review purposes.

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