Retro Clock Radio Upgrades Mornings


A short time ago, I found myself browsing nightstand clock radios. I still do not like using my mobile phone as my primary clock and alarm. Call me “old school” if you must.

CR35-hero-leftSince I am so old school, I decided I would try out the Retro Clock Radio by Electrohome. This clock radio is anything but old school. Right out of the box, once plugged in, it automatically set itself to the correct time. I was shocked to not see flashing 12:00. It also has a feature that automatically adjusts during Daylight Savings Time.

Of course, it also does the normal clock radio stuff, like saving AM and FM radio stations (up to 20), and has a backup battery. Better than that, it has two LED lightbulbs, where the “bells” would be on an old alarm clock, to help users wake up with ease – the lighting gets brighter as your wake up time gets closer to wakeup. The lights also eliminates the need to search for your light switch in the dark, by simply waving your hand over the clock’s lights, they automatically turn on. The sensor can also be used to activate the snooze feature on your alarm.

If you are in need of something that is high-tech but old school on your nightstand, then I highly recommend Electrohome’s Retro Clock Radio. For more information visit their site here.

2-CR35-gradual light

Full disclosure: Electrohome supplied a Retro Clock Radio for review purposes, but the opinion is my own. I have used this product for nearly one month at the time of this article and if quality or service falters, I will update this article to reflect that.

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