This Is the Way: ‘The Mandalorian’ Mystery Minis From Funko

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You may know Funko best for their Pop! vinyl figures or for their board games(several of which we’ve reviewed here on GeekDad). But they also make several other geeky collectibles.

A kissing cousin to the Pop! product line is the Mystery Minis. These are smaller than regular Pops and come packaged in blind boxes, where you won’t know which figure you’ll get until you open the box.

The newest series of Mystery Minis are ones based on the hit television series The Mandalorian. They’re due to hit stores on April 21st, but Funko sent me out a set to share with GeekDad readers.

Note that in stores, the boxes won’t be labeled with which figure is inside, like they are in the ones Funko shipped me!

A display of Mandalorian Mystery Mini boxes. Image by Paul Benson.

What’s In the Box?

As I mentioned before, each figure comes in a blind box. This means that all the boxes are identical: you never know what figure you’ll find inside. And unlike the bagged LEGO Minifigures, you can’t feel the package to guess which figure you’ll find inside.

The Mystery Mini blind box. Image by Paul Benson.

The back of each box shows which figures are in the series, as well as the odds of finding each of those figures inside of the package.

Figures in the Mandalorian Mystery Minis series. Image by Paul Benson.

Figures like Grogu wielding the force or the Incinerator Stormtrooper will be much harder to find than the other figures. You won’t know what you’ve got until you open up the black plastic bag inside of the box, revealing your surprise.

The Mandalorian Mystery Mini Figures

On average, the figures are about two and a half inches tall. Some are a little larger, like the titular Mandalorian blasting off with his jetpack.

Din Djarin, the Mandalorian. Image by Paul Benson.

And notably smaller are the Grogu figures, which are about a head shorter than Mando.

Grogu aka The Child. Image by Paul Benson.

The paint jobs are fantastic, especially for such small figures. To give you a good feeling for the sizes, here’s a look at a couple of the Mystery Mini figures alongside a normal-sized Funko Pop!

A tale of two Mandos. Image by Paul Benson.

As you can see, the Grogu from the Pop! diorama is proportionately much smaller compared to its Mystery Mini counterpart. Of course, if the Grogus from the Mystery Minis set were proportional to the other characters, the figures would be absurdly small. There is, however, one Mini in the series that has an accurately scaled Grogu.

The Mandalorian flying with Grogu. Image by Paul Benson.

Here is the entire series of The Mandalorian Mystery Minis:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Mystery Mini figures aren’t just scaled-down Funko Pops. These figures have much more of a “toon” style to them, as if they stepped out of an animated series. I should also mention that these are bobbleheads… I certainly had to wait for the heads of each of the figures to stop bouncing around before I could photograph them!

The Mandalorian Mystery Minis have an adorable style and are sized perfectly for your desk. And while they’re not going to replace my collection of Funko Pops, they definitely complement them, and they’re a great addition to my shelves.

The Mandalorian Mystery Minis will be available on April 21st, but you can preorder them from the Funko Shop on Amazon now. Each box costs $5.99 and contains a random figure. Here’s hoping that this first Mandalorian series does well so that we can have season 2 characters like Ahsoka Tano and Bo Katan in a cute, tiny package!

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